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Kitty Honey - Ms Marvel

Following on from our introduction to the world of Cosplay, we caught up with Kitty Honey, one of the best (in our opinion) Cosplayer’s about at the moment, she was happy to sit down with us for a chat about all things Cosplay…….

Cosplay is all about the look of course, but can you give our readers a little peek beneath the costume! In words we mean ;).

“I’m Kitty, I’m from Argentina. I have been a cosplayer since around 2009. I’m about to graduate from university. I’m a geek girl, a big fan of Sci Fi, retro video games, comics manga and animé, and of course as you know, also cosplaying.”

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What inspires you to dress up as you do, taking on the look of super heroes and Animé characters?Kitty Honey

“I like the fact of portraying my favourite characters, bringing them to life, and the idea of changing my look depending on which character I am going do.

For me it was an amazing idea bringing my favourites characters to life, becoming a fantasy, a reality and for me cosplay is fun and I love the fact you can change your look and appearance, I can be a princess, a warrior, a super heroine or a school girl, I really love that, and my cosplay name in fact is a play on words with an animé character which is Cutey Honey, basically Honey Kisaragi transforms into a cop, a model, an old woman, a bike racer, a photographer changing her appearance with a magical necklace and become the ultimate animé super heroine: Cutey Honey, the concept is very cosplay related to me and I took the idea for my artistic name.”

Cosplay, while loved by those who are involved, is still very much a niche past-time, how did you get into it?

“I got into cosplay almost 4 years ago, I saw people cosplaying in some conventions I attended in my local town and I thought it was great and I wanted to do it.”

If you could, for a day, be any one of the characters that you and others dress up as, who would be?

“I want to be a psychic!! you know, there’s a lot of cool superpowers, specially flying. We all fantasize almost once in a lifetime about flying, but being a psychic you can read minds, do telekinesis and control other minds. When you master the mind you can do almost anything.

Maybe a flying psychic would be totally perfect isn’t it? So, it could be Jean Grey/Phoenix or Emma Frost.”

Kitty HoneyYou have many different looks and costumes, who is your absolute favourite persona to take on?

“If I have to choose between the ones I have made, I will choose Phoenix, I feel so related and comfortable with the character, portraying her and also the costume is very comfortable. I love spandex, its like a second skin to me. I love latex too, but is harder to wear and you have to take a lot of care to it if you go to a convention.

I also love my Rogue costume, but I have just worn it once until now. I have to improve some details of that costume and then I will definitely do a photo shoot of it.

Sakura also has a special place in my heart, that was my very first cosplay, the one started it all, so I like her a lot.

And from the ones I would like to do and I’m working on them, it’s Catwoman, and I’d love to cosplay all the versions of the character I can.”

The costumes, hair and make-up are great, so much attention to detail etc, do you design and make your own costumes?

“I make some of them myself, and some others I ask for help or commission them. Some costumes take more time than others, the shortest time I spend making a costume is about one or two weeks. I’m very keen on the details and I can’t be like other costumers that make their costumes just hours before the conventions because I’m pretty obsessed with details, minor details can make a huge difference even in the simplest costumes.”

In the world of Cosplay there are some great people, who are your favourites? Do you have a Kitty HoneyCosplayer you aspire to?

“My favourites are Riddle, Yaya Han and Vampy Bit Me, they are amazing and a great inspiration to keep improving every day as a cosplay motivation.”

Given a choice, would you be Kitty Honey or one of your characters?

“Kitty Honey, I love just being me, cosplay is only for fun and is like roleplaying and has a lot of things in common with acting. In every character that I cosplay there’s at least one aspect of my personality, but there are some people who cosplay characters completely opposite to themselves.

There is always something of me in every character I do, but I still prefer being myself, even if I don’t have superpowers or a super fancy life!”

If I wanted to start out tomorrow in Cosplay, what should I do ?

“Start with something easy, step by step. For everything there is a learning curve you have got to go through and always the first time you do make a lot of mistakes, but never give up and feel discouraged for that. Research a lot, the web has plenty of tutorials nowadays, not on those times when I dyed my hair with that terrible blue dye…

And never forget that this is not about being famous, this is about having fun.”

Kitty Honey

Even Cosplayers have to answer the final four…….

Are you a dog person, or a cat person (knowing you love your pet cat, we think we know the answer!).

“I love both of them. I have 4 cats and a dog, most of them are strays. I don’t have more dogs because I don’t have enough room at home for another one.

I want to leave a message to everyone, please adopt a pet at your local shelter. Every time you adopt, you save a life.”

What is your favourite food?

“I love when my boyfriend cooks chicken with noisette potatoes.”

What music is currently playing in your music player?

“Travelling Wilburys (super band with Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, George Harrison and Roy Orbison), Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, Paul McCartney, Fito Paez (Argentinian musician), Stevie Wonder, The Drills, The Who, Black Crowes, Deep Purple, a Texan band called Cotton Mather, Frank Sinatra, Pulp, Daft Punk, Elvis Presley, The Monkees, Mari Ijima, Kula Shaker, Eric Clapton, Black Sabbath, Stephen Malkmus and a lot more.

I’m very open minded about music.”

What’s the worst pickup line you have heard?

“Tough question, men here in Argentina are very cheesy in their pickup lines, yesterday I went for a run and a construction worker screamed “hey darling, I got a brick for you here” while he was holding a brick near his crotch… It was very hard to avoid laughing…

In general, men here are like that.”



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