Lady Penelope – Sex on Strings!

With the passing of Gerry Anderson we take a look at one of his best loved creations, Lady Penelope or to give you her full title Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward the posh totty of the puppet world, she smoked, she wore furs but she did it all with such style and grace you could not fail but fall in love with her.

Born on 24 December 2039 and educated at Roeaden the exclusive school for girls before going to finishing school in Switzerland where she mastered a number of languages including French, German and Italian.

A fashion icon of her time and a pinnacle of high society Lady Penelope quickly tired of the British upper class social circuit preferring instead the murky world of a secret agent.

Jeff Tracy and Lady Penelope in The Thunderbirds. Photograph: Reuters

She would later join International Rescue after meeting the founder Jeff Tracy, she quickly became their top agent in London handling situations with her quick mind and flirty tongue, but never overstepping the mark but politely taking it to the edge.

Living the life of an international super model Lady Penelope graced the cover of top magazine Chic, wearing top designs by Elaine Wickfern, François Lemaire, and her very own distinct perfume Soupçon de Péril

Wherever she travelled her faithful chauffeur Parker (first name Aloysius), a cockney wide boy and renowned cat burglar and safecracker in his own right, was by her side. Her preferred mode of transport was of course the luscious pink coloured six wheeled Rolls Royce aptly named FAB1, which must surely go down as one of the coolest of all cars.

As with all many things of their generation Gerry Anderson’s creations of Lady Penelope was a showcase for how Americans viewed English aristocracy at that time and while there have been many super heroes and villains none have matched her style and grace nor a phrase more apt than Posh Totty.

Some Things you May Not Know

  • Thunderbirds was first aired in 1965;
  • Penelon is a fictional fabric featured in Thunderbirds;
  • Lady Penelope’s nick names are Lady P and Penny; and
  • Lady P was modeled on, and voiced by Sylvia Anderson, Gerry Anderson’s wife.

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