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Laura Ellen Wilson

Dont Turn The Lights Out, Its Laura Ellen Wilson …

We have been pretty lucky with our guests of late and once again we have been very fortunate to grab a chat with the very busy Laura Ellen Wilson, whose acting career has really started to take off in the last couple of years having just been picked to play the one of the leading roles in Monster, which starts shooting early next year.

Q. First off Laura, it’s great to have you with us and I am sure the first thing our readers would love to know is, when did the acting bug take hold and what was your first acting role?

A. It’s great to be here!! I believe I always had the acting bug, but I just didn’t know it until I was given the opportunity of being in a short film. I am an only child, so growing up I learned to occupy myself and I used to create puppet shows with all my teddies to show my dad when he came home from work. They each had different voices and accents, it was hilarious! It was when I was about 12 years old and I was asked to play the lead in an educational short film and from that, I was really hooked on screen acting. It was the owner of the martial arts club that I attended who created the film and it was based on true events of a young girl being assaulted in my area. She then joined a Kung Fu club and a couple of years later, came face to face with the same attacker….and gave him what for!

Q. You are set to play the one of the leading roles in Monster, a character called Emily, which has been described as extreme horror. How did your involvement in this project come about and can you give a little insight into the role you will be playing?

A. Basically, I got the role by harassing the Director day in day out until he caved. Joking!! It was quite by chance really. I am a bit of a horror nut and I was looking online for horror films and books that I hadn’t watched/read and I came across Matt Shaw. The reviews on his books were great so I looked further into it. Eventually, I ended up friending him on Facebook and from there, saw that he was starting to cast for the screen adaption of his best-selling book, Monster. I bought the book, loved what I read, I sent my details to him, did a few auditions and here I am!
The character of Emily is a real treat! She is stuck in a job that she hates, is always covering for her workmates who have social lives and always abides by the rules as she doesn’t like confrontation. She has a disturbing obsession with murder, gore, and crime giving each customer who enters her workplace a gruesome backstory and doesn’t hold back on the gory details either. Unfortunately, she finds herself in a real-life situation where she is forced to fight for her life and endure just about every situation you can imagine, plus more. Although I am experienced in horror, this is completely different to everything that I have ever done and I am super excited for the challenge!

Alice In Wonderland

Q. The past few years have been extremely busy for you, can you tell us a little bit about some of the other projects you have been involved in and do any of them stand out as a personal favourite and why?

A. Well since 2013, I have split my time between working overseas and taking on small projects in between contracts. As I was only just starting out in acting, there wasn’t much-paid work coming my way and of course, I could have just got a job here in the UK, but as I already had contacts from working abroad since 2011 (and I am obsessed with the sun, beach and ocean) I decided to earn whilst working abroad, and have fun filming in between contracts. The first 2 feature films I did were in 2013 – ‘The Singing Bird Will Come’ and ‘Christmas Slay’, both of which are very close to my heart as they are the ones that started my love for this industry in the first place! From mid-2014 – the beginning of 2017, I reached a new stage in my dance career and for a couple of contracts, I worked as Choreographer, so I was incredibly busy. When I decided to commit to acting full-time upon returning back to the UK at the beginning of this year, I really haven’t held back at all. I have taken every opportunity, regardless of whether it is paid or not, and I have really enjoyed the journey so far. I don’t have a personal favorite as each set is completely different, but I can definitely say that I have had a great time on each one.

Q. Looking back at some of your roles quite a few have been in the horror genre, are you ever afraid of becoming typecast?

A. I love horror. I love everything about it. At the moment, I am still very early in my career so in terms of becoming typecast, I am not overly concerned and also, my showreel has scenes from different genres too. Right now, I am just enjoying every single opportunity and if the project is horror? Great! If it’s not horror? Equally as great!

Q. What are your thoughts on the UK with regards to filmmaking and do you feel that inevitably every actor at some stage feels the lure of America?

A. I don’t think every actor feels a lure, but it’s more the curiosity about the significant differences in the industry between the two different countries. As I am currently working on my Visa application, I have been blown away by how different the industry is in America and just getting my head around the many different Unions has been interesting! My thoughts on the UK with regards to filmmaking differ with each day. I have noticed that there are way more indie films happening right now, which is really great, and a lot of actors are being pro-active by creating their own work. I do have a few ideas of my own for films, but at the moment, that is all they are, ideas.

Q. Just before we ask a few fun questions, where you do see yourself in 5 years’ time or more importantly where would you like your career to be?

A. In 5 years’ time, I would ideally still be acting! I think I speak on behalf of actors everywhere when I say that the dream is to be able to support myself by just acting and not having a part-time job on the side. I would love to be doing more TV work, as right now I haven’t done any and I am keen to experience the difference on set as opposed to film. I hope to have met and created lifelong friendships with some great people in the industry and obviously, continue to enjoy what I am doing as much as I do now.

Now that we have the serious stuff sorted we always like to ask our guests a few fun questions, because we can and let’s be honest we are a bit nosey like that;

Q. What type of music do you like to listen too?

A. I listen to all sorts. Really. I love Spanish/Italian music, the rhythm just makes me want to dance, plus it reminds me of the contracts I had in those countries. It all really depends on my mood – one day I can be listening to Guns and Roses and Pink Floyd and the next I’ll be listening to the Lion King soundtrack. Although, when I’m listening to musical soundtracks, you might as well just count me out for the next couple of hours as I’ll be dancing and singing!

Q. If you had the choice to be a super hero who would you be and why?

A. Oh, what a question!! I don’t know, it would have to be one with amazing martial arts skills (just like me of course 😉 ) and I would love the ability to be invisible. Oh and be able to fly. Are there any like that which exist???

Q. What’s your favourite drink?

A. I am quite basic when it comes to drinks. I don’t drink any fizzy pop (unless I have a sore throat, in which case I drink Pepsi Max. I know, I’m strange) and I rarely drink cordial. I drink a lot of water, mainly with lemon juice in and I also have a Vitamin C effervescent every now and again. I can’t believe I almost forgot the main one. COFFEE.
Now on the other hand, if you’re talking alcoholic, the fizzy pop rule goes out of the window. I love a good Gin and Tonic or a Desperado!

Q. Do you have any phobias or fears?

A. Phobia wise, I am terrified of the dark! True story. I have never slept without a nightlight, I still have the little plug socket ones shaped as a ladybird or a butterfly. Oh, and I must check under my bed and in my wardrobe before I get into bed too. I am also not the biggest fan of clowns. Funny, coming from someone who loves horror!

Q. And just one more before we finish up, what’s the worst pickup line you have ever heard?

A. Oh gosh, so I wasn’t even on a night out for this one. I was at the checkout in a supermarket and a guy came up behind me, took my hand and asked ‘are you okay now’? I turned around not really knowing what to expect and he finished by saying ‘the fall from heaven must have hurt, but you still look like an Angel’. Luckily the awkward silence was quickly diminished by the cashier absolutely laughing her head off!

Well, that about wraps up our time, but thank you so much Laura for taking time out from your busy schedule to come chat with us and please keep us updated with all your happenings.

If you would like to know more about Laura and her latest projects, check out the sites below

If you want to check out the book ‘Monster’, here it is:

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