LG Roboking Square Vacuum – Official ‘Silent Night’



There is no doubt a guy cleaning house is not a natural sport for us, it just does not hit any of our motivation buttons, but all that is about to change, now I have seen the new Roboking Square Robotic Vacuum Cleaner from LG, I admit, I am beginning to look at cleaning in a whole different way.

Why?  Quite simply not only does it do the job it supposed to do but its also is one of the coolest home appliance gadgets that I have ever seen, with its super sleek square design and bright digital display.  With the swiftness of a cat stalking it’s prey, this smarty pants beast is able to clean the most awkward of corners while avoiding any unpleasant collisions; unlike some drivers I know.

Just take a look at the specifications – longer brushes to reach the most difficult of corners, giving a whopping 94% corner cleaning coverage (how’s that for statistics).

But that’s not all!  It’s got a turbo mode which increases the power of the suction for really tough carpet areas that need that little extra muscle

And in typical fashion I left the best for last, this vacuum does it all by itself all we have got to do is watch this little beauty clean house – Oh yeah and one last thing you guys have just got to watch the accompanying video, nobody can say those pesky dust mites weren’t warned, all I am going say is, when these guys clean house they really clean house!

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