London Super Comic Con 2016 Review !!!!

London Super Comic Con

Well what can I say except we had an amazing time at this year’s London Super Comic Con, while as Cons go this may not be considered big as in the space it takes up at the London Excel the huge crowds attending would definitely make you think otherwise?

As with all the conventions we attend the first thing we like to do is just stroll around taking note of everything we want to spend a little more time on later just enjoying the buzz and the wonderful cosplayers who seemed to be everywhere, after our initial foray it was straight onto Artist Alley to meet some of the wonderful guests attending and maybe get one or two comic books signed.

Now if you have never been to LSCC before then Artist Alley is where you never seem to have enough time! There are so many cosplaygreat artists you could easily spend the weekend lost in this oasis of talent!

One of the first stops for us was at the table of Adam Cheal who is not only a very talented writer but also a really great guy and if you haven’t checked out any of his work yet pop along to his site and keep an eye out for a review of his Borough of Churches here on Kewel World very soon.

After a lot of comic talk with Adam of course we had to visit Borough of Churches artist Amrit Birdi whose artwork is truly awesome and once again a really nice guy to chat with.

Next on our list was one of our big favourites Adi Granov who even though he was extremely busy took time to sign our copy of Issue 3 of Darth Vader Yay! After a little more wandering and chatting, we found ourselves at the table of another Artist who was high on our list to see Batgirl’s Cameron Stewart who was having a very busy time with plenty of fans looking to get books singed including ourselves! It can’t be stressed enough how many wonderful guest were at LSCC not only the ones mentioned above but also Brian Bolland, David Finch, Howard Chaykin, Meredith Finch, Humberto Ramos, Mike Zeck, Katie Cook, Maria Laura Sanapo, Mirka Andolfo and Laura Braga to name but a few (keep an eye out over the next few mcomic cosplayonths for some great interviews and articles in KewelWorld).

Of course Artist Alley, whilst perhaps what makes Comic Con for us, is just one part of the LSCC; there were many panel rooms that covered a range of topics such as Sneaky Zebra & D.Piddy Presents YouTube, and Cosplay and Science Fiction to Superheroes Howard with Chaykin and Tom Palmer!

What more could you ask for?   Well no comic con is complete without the Cosplayers and as we have said before they were everywhere and really should be commended on the work they put into their costumes; they play a big part at every convention and we always enjoy chatting and taking pictures. LSCC had a brilliant range of Cosplayers, packed of course with the Harley Quinn’s, Jokers and unsurprisingly this year with more Jedi than you could shake a lightsaber at! Deadpool was well represented, but it was nice to see some very good “Batmen” and the odd Catgirl, we even spotted a Super Girl. Ghostbusters had a very good showing with some really friendly guys making sure the place was safe! It is impossible to list here all the characters represented (and honestly there were a good few we had no clue who they were), but to everyone who spent the last few months, up to the eyeballs at the sewing machine, painting, cutting and sticking – bloody good job!

Adi Granov Adi GranovCameron Stewart Cameron Stewart

A really great event, we had a brilliant time! If you haven’t been to a London Super Comic Con before then make sure you don’t miss next year’s where we hope to meet you …

London Super Comic Con

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