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Well as you know we have been a bit late with our unboxing and, if truth be told, this is actually our first Loot Crate so I was a little excited to see what we got.

Now this month’s theme was Villains 2, I am guessing they have already had Villains 1 which we missed but hey ho let’s see what we got in this!

First out is rather cool little booklet with a nice picture of the Joker on the cover, well if you’re going to have villains as your theme it would be hard to leave him out, the booklet itself shows of some of the previous loot crates plus details of the items in this box.Captain America

Placing this to one side for the moment next out is the rather cool Captain America Hydra Collectors pin badge this is a really nice item – big yay.

Following this out is a bright yellow chef’s apron with the logo Loss Pollos Hermanos from the TV show Breaking Bad, kind of cool but not sure I would use it for anything, anyway on with the show, so next out Is a Loot Crate Exclusive; The Joker painted wooden figure that comes with two heads the whole design is pretty cool so I like this one.

Now for the rather large item taking up most of the box which just happens to be a 3D Carnage 16oz Moulded Mug – not sure about this one, doesn’t really look great to me so a bit disappointed with that item, ok well the last thing out of this month’s Villains 2 Loot Crate is a Villains 2 button badge which really is just a badge not much else to say about that really.

So what are our my thoughts on this my very first Loot Crate? If I am honest, I did not really think too much of it. The best parts being the Joker figure and the apron, after that the other items were nothing special to be fair, will I get another one? As of yet not really sure, I may just give it one more try but judging on this there are other subscription boxes offering better .

Kewel World Value Rating: 5/10

Cost of Box     $29.95                                   Includes Delivery to UK

Link To Site www.lootcrate.com


marvel carnage muglootcrate button badge
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