MCM Birmingham Comic Con 2018 March

MCM Birmingham

Last weekend we went to MCM Birmingham Comic Con which probably begins the start of comic con season although to behonest I think comic cons or such type of events are year round these days.

Since this was our first time visiting MCM Birmingham we thought it best to arrive early to get the lay of the land so to speak, which as it happened was a good idea, since the place was packed and I would go as so far to say this has to be the biggest con I have been to outside of London.

But enough of the frivolous chat I know you guys really want to know what was the event like?  Well of course like all MCM events you have a great guest list such as Michael Rooker, Sean Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy) Mark Sheppard, (Supernatural) Brianna Hilddebrand (Deadpool) with gamers well represented by a crew from Overwatch Anjali Bhimani (Symmetra), Fred Tatasciore (Soldier78), Jonny Cruz (Lucio) and Carolina Ravassa (Sombra).
MCM Comic ConAs I am a big fan of indie film and classic TV it was great to see MCM having such a large number of guests from these genres present such as Jan Chappell, Jenna Stannis (Blake 7), Charlie Bond (
Hellriser), Judy Matherson (Hammer Horror), Diane Keen (Doctors) and the lovely Jessica Messenger (Six Hot Chicks in a Warehouse) to name a few, all of whom it has to be said were extremely chatty and friendly.
Charlie BondOf course as with all conventions you have your array of traders and MCM Birmingham was no different with large displays of Funko Pops, treats and more, with a few bargains thrown in.

Moving around the venue at times could call for a little manoeuvring as you tried to avoid oncoming traffic but, it has to be said, over the two days never once did I feel uncomfortable even with such large crowds!

There really was so much to see and do that at times the time just seemed to slip away so going for two days was a plus since the second day felt much more relaxed having seen all the main stuff we wanted on day one, as for cosplay well the standard was just so high with cosplayers everywhere you looked – Wonder Woman, Batman, Thor you name it and it was being cosplayed!

The only real downside if you could call it that was the weather being freezing cold on both days meant most people stayed inside, but all in all MCM are masters at pulling of good comic cons and MCM Birmingham was a great con

Over all if you have never been to Birmingham Comic Con then definitely put it on your things to do list, you really won’t forget it, totally a great weekend for everyone .

MCM Comic Con

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