MCM Comic Con Ireland 2016 !!!

MCM Ireland

MCM Comic Con 2016 comes to Dublin’s RDS!

Now having been to a few of these events over the last few years you do almost know what to expect before you walk through the door; always well organised and in truth not what I would call a traditional Comic Con, more of an entertainment convention, with a mix of TV, films, comics, games and plenty of manga these days.

Anyway on to this year’s show and its guest list that included Star Trek’s Lieutenant Uhura, Nichelle  Nichols, the fifth Doctor Peter Davison, Nolan North, Hynden Walch, The Hillywood Show, Bob Layton and The Musketeers hero Luke Pasqualino.   It would be fair to say not outstanding but still not too bad either with Nichelle Nichols being a big headliner and if anything MCM should get a pat on the back for this one because I haven’t seen Nichelle on any other convention list this side of the pond so far.

One thing that did strike me as I walked around this year’s event was how much space there was, and by space I mean free space!!!  Whether this was due to a lot less vendors or just better layout I am not sure but there did seem a less booths selling this year, which somehow made it a bit more pleasurable to be there since you didn’t have a mass of sweaty bodies all trying to squeeze through narrow passage ways.

As with most conventions my plan of action is always to make a quick sweep of the event, before taking a number of much more slower walk abouts, thereby taking notes of all the things I want to see and do, well that’s the plan anyhow but somehow I always get side-tracked and this year was no exception as I found myself spending far too long chatting to cosplayers, well star trek cosplaywhat’s a Comic Con without cosplayers right?  And trust me this year’s event had plenty with some really amazing costumes.

Now with most Comic Con events you expect comics but in truth with a lot of these ones comics are scarce and often none existent but not this year thanks to two vendors Big Bang Comics from Dundrum who had a large array of new and variant offerings on hand plus Crafty Comics from Portlaoise which had one of the best selections of golden age and silver age comics I have seen in a long while well worth checking out if you’re looking for that hard to find back issue.

Once I had finished about my third walk around the main hall I thought it was a about time I took a little break and sat down and what better way than to catch Bob Layton’s (Artist/Iron Man) question and answers panel that was not only pretty light-hearted but it was pretty informative too then man is a true legend

After this as it was time to head out across to the smaller convention hall where you had eSports, Robots and the very popular wrestling,  add in the photo booth where visitors got their photos taken with the guests made for a pretty busy area all-round.

Over all how if I was to sum up this year’s event I would have to say It was good not great but good with MCM its about entertainment and they give that, yes we always want the top guest but that’s not always possible even though I think getting Nichelle Nichols was a real coup, we always have to remember that these events cater for all ages and tastes and with that being said the only true way of telling if the event was good or bad is by is by the smile on peoples faces leaving the event and there was a lot of them including mine so roll on next year.

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