MCM Comic Con London is Back

MCM Comic Con the Return Begins 

One thing is for sure we are living through very strange times, Covid has left its mark on nearly all walks of life not least the entertainment industry, so i think it goes without saying that all comic con fans breathed a sigh relief when MCM Comic Con Uk retuned to the London Excel last weekend. 

MCM Comic Con London

With Covid restrictions in place this was always going to be a much more subdued event than previous years, which was evident by the smaller crowd and lack of the usual Hussle and Bussle throughout the convention, never the less there was an overall exuberance of euphoria from con goers at being able to attend one of their favourite events. 

The Guests

With little doubt Tom Hiddleston took center stage with supporting lineup that included Sophia Di Martino and Jonathan Majors but there were also some much-welcomed voice actors such as Nicole Tompkins, Jim Cummings and David Hayter to name a few. 


As with all comic cons you also had your stalls selling everything from the latest Funko Pop to some obscure candy from Japan along with this you also had artist ally which is always on my visit list due to the fact I am always amazed by how much talent abounds and their work is just jaw droppingly good. 


Cosplay is always a big part of MCM Comic Con and MCM is a big part of cosplay and even though there may have been a smaller attendance than usual this did not stop these amazing creators turning out in style with Loki being a dominant choice for much of the weekend. 

MCM Comic Con Cosplay

Overall thoughts on MCM Comic Con  

This was one of those comic cons that I feel should be looked at as a starting point because let’s be honest it’s easy to say the ticket prices were high because truthfully, they were a little pricy again it’s easy to say the guest apart from Tom Hiddleston were not really up to par. 

But it has to be noted we are living through unusual times and event organizers such as MCM are having to find their feet once again with almost one hand tied behind their back. 

Covid restrictions meant only so many tickets could be sold which has an effect on pricing as does sanitation and extra security checks combined with many celebrities not travelling does not make it an easy job for any event organizer. 

That’s not to say I don’t expect things to get better because I do and for me 2021 comic cons are just the starting point, I really don’t think we will see the best of such events until 2022 so until then I am going to put on hold any criticism and instead look at the positives of being able to attend a comic con again meet up with friends again and above all else just enjoy life again take this Con for what it was the begining of something great.

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