MCM London Comic Con 2018 Review

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Its Hotter Than Hot at MCM Comic Con

This year’s MCM London Comic Con had to be one of the hottest, not only because of the amazing crowds but also the sheer heat of the weather, which at times made it a little bit uncomfortable.

With the Excel Centre once again the venue and now under the ownership of ReedPop there was always going to be that question of would it be as good or would it somehow change in format, well if the speed of entry was anything to go by, then things if anything were already improving!

Of course, one of the big draws of any Comic Con is the guests, and while there were one or two big names attending that could be classed as star attractions there was none that really stood out as a must see for me, which, I had really hoped for, now MCM falls under the ReedPop banner (and I am hoping we will start to see some big “A list” stars start to cross the pond), with that being said you still had some pretty choice guest with names such as  Felicia Day, Tom Ellis, Taryn Manning, Jackie Cruz, Khary Payton and Cooper Andrews to name a few.
thorBut Comic Cons these days are not just about guests, they are more about entertainment and MCM packed plenty of that with this year’s comic village adding extra guests and comic panels and since I am a big Wonder Woman fan it was good to see the likes of Liam Sharp in attendance.

Comics, not your thing?  Well MCM have you covered because not only were there lots of gaming going on but Nintendo had a pretty strong presence offering everything from Donkey Kong to Counter Strike and all the retro in-between.

There was also an area for streamers/YouTubers which is always popular with con goers, with the game of choice for much of it being Fortnite, all in all, this was a really fun area to be.
star warsNow with all Comic Cons you have plenty of places ready to part you from your hard-earned cash which let’s be honest if you are going to a con you always want to bring home a few mementos and there were literally hundreds of vendors for you to splash your cash on the latest Funko pop, which reminds me they had a large store there too but in full disclosure no way was I going to join the long queue to grab an exclusive, just not going to happen.
overwatch Now if you have never been to MCM London at the Excel then outside is nearly as busy as inside with live music and large numbers of cosplayers mingling with photographers as they seek out just one more shot and as with all conventions we have attended the cosplayers really add to the whole vibrancy of the event.

Over all was there any real major change?  Nothing this congoer could see, all in all, it was pretty much the same high standard event it always is.

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