MCM London Comic Con May 2016 Review


Well it felt like ages but yes the weekend of MCM London Comic Con May 2016 had finally arrived and along with it the glorious sunshine!

Now this was our first time at the May event and as we made our way up from the platforms, towards the ExCel the first thing that really struck us was the mass of people, it was wall to wall with Comic Con Fans eagerly making their way towards the entrance as the morning sun warmed the carnival atmosphere.

This year’s event not unlike others had a great list of guest that included Jesse Eisenberg, Peter Davidson, Warwick Davis, Bob Layton, Kunal Nayyar and Melissa Raunch to name just a few.  As always there were big queues at some of the major names but they all seemed to be moving pretty well.

ghostbustersband maid

As for the layout of the event you had the usual main Hall on the left where you could find Artists in the Comic Village which really does contains some super talent next to this was the eSports gaming area, just a little further down you were swamped in a sea of merchandisers offering a huge range of collectables. Then just over to the bottom left you had the signing area which was literally bursting with people queuing to get autographs, in fact on Saturday the whole place was bursting there were con goers as far as the eye could see.

Across from this in the other main area you had Vidfest and Pop Asia plus an array of other stands that including Outcast, Fear The Walking Dead and More eSports all bustling with eager con goers; and if that wasn’t enough once you went outside in to the blazing sunshine you could sit back and enjoy some of the amazing cosplayers who really do add to the feel of any convention while listening to the brilliant Japanese rock group Band Maid.


So overall how do I feel this year’s event went?  What can I say, it was fantastic best described as three days at a theme park without the rides, although you get the same rushes!   For me, there felt a very strong Asian feel to it, or maybe there was just so many manga cosplayers or it could have been I just enjoyed listening to Band Maid.

But for whatever reason MCM have got this event really nailed, the whole three days are packed with so much to do and see that time really does fly when you are there, so much for Marty McFly and his Delorean when you need it.


Last words; I have really only started going to comic cons in the last few years and one thing I have really taken from such events is how friendly and fun they are especially the cosplayers always willing to let you take a photo even when I am sure it’s the thousandth time they have been asked so do yourself a favour if you haven’t already been to one just go you won’t look back trust me

 MCM Comic Con London


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