Meeting Miss Erised

It was great to get the chance to sit down and chat with one of the UK’s very talented alternative models Miss Erised, she is not only beautiful but also a Burlesque Performer what more, could any man ask for!

We kicked things off by having a chat about just who Miss Erised is, and how the alternative model scene is fairing at the moment, it seems to us from our (happily) consumer viewpoint that more and more girls are choosing this route to the traditional glamour scene?

"Well to start with, I’m a huge Harry Potter nerd (my modelling alias is taken from The Philosophers Stone) and Coca-Cola addict. I’m completely in love with my fiancé and our kitten Cleo, who I treat as if she was my actual baby.

I’ve definitely noticed more and more girls going down the alternative model route. I’m finding the scene really great right now, I’m friendly with a lot of other alternative models like Salleh Sparrow, Ruby Jewel, Collette Von Tora etc – I met a lot of them through modelling for Rubber Monkey Latex (watch this space – for a article all about Rubbery Monkey Latex coming very soon) and I love them all to pieces!"

We tried counting, and gave up, so just asked……how many tattoos do have and do you plan on getting more?

*starts pointing at body parts and counting* "I think I have about 14 all together! Yes I need to get my half sleeve finished and then I want some more on my shoulders, back, ribs, hips and legs…..!"

As we said at the start, whilst trying to not appear to over excited! – Miss Erised is also a Burlesque Performer, so how did that come about and which does she prefer, modelling or performing?

"I started burlesque before modelling, my first shoot was so that I could have some promo’s of myself for advertising my burlesque performances. I was first interested in burlesque when I was about 15, but didn’t have the confidence to start learning until I was 19. I started going to classes with Pink Kitten Dance School and haven’t stopped since.

I think I do prefer modelling, to performing. I get so nervous before I perform and I just generally find it a lot more difficult, but I like doing it as I find that it really boosts my confidence."

A good online presence is as necessary as talent these days and we rather liked, so wonder if this was this something Miss Erised looked after and updated herself?

"Thank you! My fiancé made my website for me, so he tends to look after it for me because I don’t ever upload albums correctly. I’m doing a big update on it soon, so I haven’t put anything new on there for a little while!"

So what if the modelling stopped today, what other career could she see herself in?  It really does seem so hard making a living from modelling, especially the alternative side, there are so many girls vying for the same kind of exposure, was there any Miss Erised could offer someone on the first rung of the ladder?

"I do have a real job outside of modelling and performing – I work in Human Resources, which isn’t anywhere near as exciting!

My dream job since I was a little girl would be a writer, I love to read and write.

I don’t make my living from modelling, but it is difficult to get good paid jobs these days from modelling – especially when there are so many models willing to shoot for free all the time.

My advice for any new model starting out is to pick your shoots carefully, although you may not have much or any experience do not ever do a shoot that you’re not comfortable doing or if it’s going to be no use to you. I’ve always been picky when it came to choosing photographers to collaborate with, even when I was first starting out. It’s paid off for me as I have a portfolio that I’m mega proud of!"


And, of course, we had to round things off with a few fun questions…..

What hobbies if any do you have?

"When I have time, I like to read books and play on the xBox – my favourite game is BioShock!"

Which Cartoon Character best describes you?

"I recently had someone tell me that I reminded them of Boo from Monsters Inc!"

If you had a million pounds what’s the first thing you would buy?

"Lots and lots of latex with Rubber Monkey Latex and then I would buy my house from my mother as I love it!"

Do you sing in the shower or bath?

"I used to sing in the shower a lot, I don’t do it so much anymore. I sing in my car ALL the time – my favourite song to sing is ‘Sweet Transvestite’ from The Rocky Horror Picture Show."


We really enjoyed getting the chance to chat with the engaging and charming Miss Erised, and have little doubt it wont be last we see of her!


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