Mel Madigan Insanely Kickass

Mel Madigan Insanely Kickass

Today we have a really great guest for our Cosplay Interview, the lovely Mel Madigan (or as she is often referred to Mad Mel Madigan, not sure that title works judging by her looks but I am sure we will find out) has stopped by to have a chat with us.


Just to get started Mel can you give our readers a brief bio where you are from and how you got started modelling and cosplaying etc?

-Sure thing!  I was born in Lehigh Acres, Florida.  I turn 25 in a little under 2 months J  I got started in cosplay about 3 years ago.  I’ve always been really into costumes and I’ve always loved video games/comics so I guess I was always destined to get into cosplaying.  I went to Miami Wizard World and fell in LOVE with it:  the people, the atmosphere, the fun of dressing up and walking around.  And from there, I got a bit more into cosplay modeling.  I had all these ideas for shoots that I wanted to do and luckily I met some awesome people to help those ideas come to life!


As a model do you prefer any specific genre over the other, like cosplay or pinup modelling?

-I’m in love with pin up and boudoir modeling.  A lot of people find it risqué and it does tend to get a lot of hate but I just find something beautiful about the elegance and sensuality you can get with said shoots.

Being a bit geeky like ourselves are you a hoarder or collector of any particular memorabilia?

-I have an insane amount of spider-man things in my house.  I also have a ton of doctor who stuff and boba fett stuff.  My desk/walls/shelves are just filled.


Cosplay really has grown over the years and wherever there is a convention these days there seems to be cosplayers, do you feel its losing some of its coolness as it almost becomes mainstream? And where do you think the scene will be in a few years boundaries seem to get pushed further and further with costume design?

-Oh gosh no! lol I’m not very hipster about the cosplay scene.  There’s actually been a lot of hate about that lately, how more and more people are getting into it and its less cool now because EVERYONE is doing it but I say the more the merrier!  The more people cosplay, the more creative people get and I just love seeing the things people come up with.  From what I’ve seen, I think we can expect even more over the top and awesome costumes as time goes on.  People are getting so crafty.  Its only a matter of time before people are hovering throughout the convention centers on jetpacks 😉


Mel MadiganFrom your Facebook I took note that you also act, dance and sing.  Have you always wanted to pursue a career in entertainment?

-Every since I was a little girl.  I used to perform little songs and plays for my family at our family parties.  I’ve been in theatre and chorus in school ever since I was in the 3rd grade and I majored in theatre in college.  Its one of my true passions. I love being on stage and performing.  Its this amazing rush being up there and bringing different characters to life.  Actually, that’s pretty much the same reason I love cosplaying.  The ability to bring characters to life.

Being a gamer what games are you currently playing and what is your personal favourite?

-Unfortunately, since it is con season I had to put all gaming to a halt as I am insanely busy with costumes and planning different trips to upcoming conventions.  I can say I am in the middle of finishing Alice: Madness Returns and Sleeping Dogs.  And I am insanely excited for The Deadpool Game and Kingdom Hearts 3.  My personal favorite game of all time would have to be Fable 2, really.  Its one of those games that I can replay over and over and over again.  I’m always evil…*grin*


One last question, before we throw some fun ones at you, where do you see yourself in 5 years?  Any hopes or aspirations?

-I’m hoping to be well into my acting career.  Maybe in New York.  Hopefully married (lol)

As with all our guests we like to ask a few fun questions so here goes:


If you were a super hero who would it be and why?

-Made up superhero or actual superhero?  If its an actual superhero, I would choose psylocke because she’s insanely kickass and has been one of my favorites since I was a kid

If it’s a made up superhero I would be…well…Mad Mel Madigan.  I’d be a pyrokinetic and telekinetic.  And also be skilled in several forms of martial arts.  I’d kick a lot of ass, basically 😉


What was the last movie you watched?

-fright night! The newest one with David Tennant.  Love me some David Tennant.  mmmm


Do you own a pair of pink fluffy slippers?

-Noooo I don’t own any slippers at all. I live in Florida.  Our floors aren’t usually chilly

Worst pick-up line you have heard?

– “You are hot! I want to have sex with you!”  no lie. That was a comment on one of my pictures on my fan page. lol

Well Mel thank you so much for stopping by its been a great pleasure and please keep us up today with all your latest happening.


-thank you so much for having me and I definitely will!

For all you fans out there wanting to find out more about Mel check out her site below




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