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Mia Klose


We have a treat in store today guys as we are joined by rock beauty Mia Klose, described as the Swedish bombshell of 80s rock, has arrived in the 21st century, having released her debut album London, Mia popped in to chat about her latest happens and music general.

Mia just to kick things of can you give our readers a bio of yourself, where you’re from how you got interested in music etc?

Hey! I’m from Sweden originally but based in London right now. I have done music since I was born pretty much as my Dad is a violinist and lots of other relatives are musicians. I was born in to it. I started playing violin when I was 5 years old, I also played drums, guitar and flute. Then I started to sing seriously when I was about 13 years old. I have been singing in loads of different projects and bands. Everything from musical to punk!

You released your album London a while back, what has the feedback been like? And how did you find the experience?

The feedback has been AMAZING! It has been as good as I could have ever hoped. I have played some really cool festivals this year alongside some of my biggest idols and I have had fantastic reviews in magazines I could only dream being part of. The industry has really welcomed me with open arms. It has just been like a dream come true really.

Good ole hard Rock and Roll seems to have been lost into today’s almost pre packaged ‘X-Factor’ productions, what are your thoughts on the state of the music scene today compared to say the 80s?

I think it’s just to roll with it to be fair. Things are always changing and it won’t go back to be like in the 80s anytime soon. It’s important to realize that today it’s more important having a big follow on facebook then it is to be “signed” to a label. As an artist today you can do a lot yourself to take your career further as u have access to platforms like twitter and facebook. This is something you did not have in the 80s when every artist depended on a label to take them on. Everything has a good and bad side but I’m always trying to see the positive side in every situation.

Mia can you tell us some of your musical influences and do you have an all time favourite rock anthem?

I enjoy a lot of different music, everything from Bach to Slayer. But the classic melodic rock genre is what I love singing and it’s the music style that is closest to my heart. I love Guns n Roses, Def Leppard, Whitesnake, Europe, Bon Jovi to mention a few! I like when songs have got a lot of hooks and energy!

So far where has been the best venue you have played? And why

In terms of the whole experience I have to say Sweden Rock Festival this last summer. It was such a great experience. We were so well looked after! The stage and sound was amazing and everyone was on top that day. The feeling of performing alongside the biggest rock band of all history – Kiss was a feeling enough to make it awesome!

Following on from the question above, how did it feel to play alongside  such greats and right in your own back yard so to speak?

It felt amazing of course! Me and the guys in the band were looking forward to that day so much. It was the first time I returned back home to play after the release of my debut album LONDON. So u can imagine it felt great to start with the biggest event Sweden has to offer. We also got some great exposure from Swedish national radio who recorded our whole set and broadcasted some of it.

It’s obviously been a busy year for you so what’s next for Mia Klose any new songs or albums in the works?

Mia KloseYes! I have done a lot of writing this autumn already and we are looking at recording a single very soon. We got some cool shows coming up in the end of the year starting off with a Halloween show on the 1st of November at Camden Barfly Then we are playing at Hard Rock Hell in Wales in the end of November alongside one of my idols Michael Monroe. I’m thrilled to be on the same line up as him, that is another dream come true this year. Then we are supporting old Swedish friends of mine in Fatal Smile on the 27th of Nov at the Garage in London. I also have a few new lines coming out for sale in our web shop now before Christmas. A Mia Klose Calendar for 2014 for example, great Christmas present “blink blink”! You will find it at www.store.miaklose.com!


Just before we end we like to ask our guest so few fun questions so here goes

We know your are leather clad goddess, but do you own a pair of pink fluffy slippers? 

No but I have black cat slippers and a pink pyjamas haha!


If you got stuck in an elevator and had to choose one person to be in there with you, who would it be?

Someone who made me laugh so I would think of something else then being stuck in the lift. Or I would not mind sharing the lift with like Slash, then he could tell me all his stories from the 80s and 90s!

What was the last movie you watched?

Hum…I don’t watch that many movies, I’m too busy! I honestly can’t remember when I last watched one.

If you were a cartoon character who would you choose and why?

Does Elvira Mistress of the Dark count as one? In that case I’d say her. She is super hot and has a wicked black car with leopard seats. Plus she uses her stiletto heels as a weapon if someone is mean to her

Where in the world would you most like to visit?

Los Angeles! It has been a dream for many years! I’m hoping to go there very soon to play, that would be so cool!

Well that just about wraps it thank you so much Mia for taking time out of your busy schedule to come chat with us and please keep us up to date with all your news

Thank you! My pleasure!

Mia Klose Album

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