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Japanese indie mobile RPG puzzle game now available for iPhone

January 7, 2016 – GameSamba today announced that its new mobile RPG puzzle title, Historica, which has already launched in Japan to great success, is now available for iPhone download on the App Store, with an iPad version following soon. In Historica players must assume the role of a new member of the International Ghost Defense Organization, a group dedicated to protecting humanity from malicious time traveling spirits by matching colored magic stones and sealing Time Shrines. For more information and to download Historica, please visit:

MOBILE RPG PUZZLER  iPhone gameJapanese indie

“After Historica’s success in Japan we are excited to introduce it to a new audience in the West”, said Dr. Scott Wong, CEO of GameSamba. “The game offers players an immersive puzzle experience that we know RPG fans will love!”

With over 200 heroes to collect at launch and more coming in future updates, Historica sends players on an epic journey through a robust story mode where they can collect heroes from throughout history to help them along their quest. Heroes such as Julius Caesar, Nobunaga and Catherine of Aragon are just a few that can be assigned to the player’s party, where they unleash special attacks by matching together magic stones. In addition to the single player story mode gamers can also compete against other players in ranked multiplayer matches as well as take part in special in-game events.

About GameSamba

GameSamba is a publisher and developer of free-to-play and mobile games, with studios in the Seattle area, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. The company’s mission is to bring high quality titles to a global audience. GameSamba is an affiliate of Group 1200 Media’s Consumer Products division.


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