Monaco – What’s Yours is Mine, a super heist reviewed

We haven’t before featured a game available on Steam, so when Merge Games asked if we fancied a gander at, and a play of Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine, their highly successful heist game, (by Pocketwatch Games – published by Merge) we were more than happy to fire up the Steam engine and get going.

Monaco is a single or multi-player game, but we have only played the one player version.

The premise is a simple one:

“Assemble a crack team of thieves, case the joint, and pull off the perfect heist.  Select from a team of specialists with different abilities; the locksmith, the pickpocket, the cleaner, the mole, the gentleman, the hacker and the redhead, to infiltrate and loot the ridiculously wealthy citizens of Monaco.”

This game is fun!  I am not the hugest fan of the graphics style but that is just a personal thing it has a cool indie/Pac Man feel to it, which will appeal to many.

I suspect the best way to play Monaco is get three other friends and all team up to assemble your team, but playing alone is still fun.  I haven’t played a top down game for a long while, and it took me a while to get into enjoying it, but once you get into it, Monaco is great game, which will steal a few hours of your time without your seeing them whizz by.

The aim of the game is to assemble yourself a crack team of villains, so you can rob the very rich peeps who live in Monaco, each mission that you successfully finish will further this, and initially you start out with prison breaks, which was really fun.  Even though I wasn’t visually taken with the game, I loved the sound and the music score, it suits the game perfectly and I am one of those who about ten minutes in to most games will turn the sound straight off.  But with Monaco it adds a wee bit of French like flair (we are supposed to be in Monaco after all!)!

Your specialists are initially the basic four, with their own special abilities which you can use when needed to help you in a mission.  The locksmith, the pickpocket, the lookout and the cleaner are the first four, but as you play you are able to unlock four more; the gentleman, the hacker, the redhead and the mole.  It should be fairly obvious from their names what their special abilities might be!

There are a lot of levels, and the game is very fast moving, I enjoyed playing it, and will continue to do so, however for me, it’s not a game I will sit and play for hours, more of a ‘I have 30 mins spare, lets fire up Monaco’ now and again type of thing.

Merge Games have just released – Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine – Collector’s Edition which includes:


·         Full Game with 2 Steam Keys!

·         Soundtrack

·         Trading Cards

·         Special Signature Card!

And is available for both PC and Mac (Microsoft Windows XP or Later, Max OSX 10.5 or Later)


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