Monday Movie Review

Alejandro Montoya Marin’s Monday is $7k of Pure Quality

Premiere on El Rey Network and VOD Feb 18

Tell me why I don’t like Mondays well that’s how the song goes and this movie’s opening is quite explosive literally.

After being let go from his job things just go from bad to worse for Jim (Jamie H. Jung) as his girlfriend unceremoniously dumps him while at the same time kicking him out on his ear.

Monday MovieBut Jim’s day is about to get a whole lot more interesting as he is forced by two hit women played by Anna Schatte and Sofia Embid to take out Carlos Laredo (Joe Perez) a cartel boss who as it happens has been having an affair with Jim’s girlfriend Alice (Bonnie Gayle).  No biggie right……… take the guy out!   But, Jim is, how do I put this, not your macho type, which leads to a crazy series of events where, for want of a better word, Jim becomes a man.

This is one of those movies you that’s a bit of corny fun!   Its extremely well filmed and the acting all round is pretty damn good, with Jamie H. Jung, Anna Schatte and Sofia Embid particularly standing out.

Anna Schatte The movie does have some time jumps which can be a little off-putting but, considering it was filmed in just 14 days on a budget of just $7000, those are really minor grumbles and while it does have its moments of comedy, for me the real winner is the acting and dialog throughout it all just works so well giving off a 70s vibe with some pretty good music to boot.

Over all, this is a great little movie and I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact it was all done for just $7000, for this alone Alejandro Montoya Marín is a filmmaking guru and the fact that he also wrote it only elevates him to Yoda status!  Pure class my friend ‘take a bow’.

So just to finish with those immortal words again “tell me why I don’t like Mondays?” simple Watch This Movie.

Rating: 8/10 

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Director : Alejandro Montoya Marín

Writer : Alejandro Montoya Marín


Jamie H. Jung … Jim
Anna Schatte … The Hitwoman
Kenneth McGlothin … Paul
Sofia Embid … Sam
Bonnie Gayle … Alice
Joe Perez … Carlos Laredo
Kaci Beeler … Tina
Amy Nichols … Jim’s Mom
Marcelle Purdy … Mrs. Alcorta
Raoul Canoli … Mr. Cantu (as Juan A. Salinas)
Patrick Gathron … Chad
Kiko Sanchez … Willy
Ashley Serrao … Drunk Amy
Danny Trevino … Bodyguard
Patrick Creamer … Thad
Nicholas Marino … Jock
Taylor Nieland … Kate
Fischer McIntosh … Drunk Amy’s Friend
Jerry Spears … Telemarketer
Corey Oldham … Bodyguard
Alan Nguyen … Bodyguard
Robert Stanley … Bodyguard
Quinn Lara … Jock
Austin Hillo … Jock

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