Motor Crush #1 Review

motor crush
Motor Crush has hit the streets in more ways than one, if you haven’t already heard, Motor Crush is the new comic from  Brenden Fletcher Cameron Stewart and Babs Tarr not only did these guys do a wonderful job on revamping Batgirl but they now look set to have a new hit on their hands.

Motor Crush is set in the fast and highly charged world of motorcycle racing, following the main protagonist Domino Swift, as she races for glory in a worldwide motorcycle racing league ably assisted by her stalwart father who’sBabs Tarr workshop is not only her home but also her hideaway from the constant interview requests which, oddly enough, is not how you would expect them to be.

But Domino also hides a dark secret, by day she may play by the league’s rules but by night she plays by hers where she enters the murky world of street racing, facing off against rival gangs and hot shot racers for the illegal engine enhancing narcotic called Crush,

It is while she is competing at one of these such event that Domino finds out just how dark and murky this world is as she watches a face she knows being fed a capsule of raw Crush causing his body to well basically explode, this triggers a number of events that has her gaining some very unsavoury attention in the form of high speed chases and near death misses.

From the moment you start reading Motor Crush it’s a bit like fast and the furious meets Soylent Green, Fletcher and Stewart writing is just superb, absorbing you in to a world of futuristic motorbike racing with characters you can’t help becoming part of.

Well if the writers are superb then where does that leave Babs Tarr?  Surely there is a seat for her at the table of the comic gods, because, her artwork is just WOW!, its fast even frantic at times, again I am drawn to comparing it in parts to Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift not only visually but somehow I can almost hear the soundtrack as well, maybe it’s the pink and reds of the artwork who knows but the truth is it works great story great art, its fast its furious its Motor Crush.
brendan fletcher

Rating: 9/10

Plublisher: Image Comics
Story By: Brenden Fletcher
Story By: Cameron Stewart
Story By: Babs Tarr
Art By: Babs Tarr
Art By: Cameron Stewart
Cover By: Cameron Stewart
Lettering By: Aditya Bidikar

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