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We have been fortunate to get a chance to chat with a very beautiful lady from the modelling world, this time the very dark and gorgeous Nea Dune has firmly landed in our hot seat.

This Croatian beauty is very much considered an alternative model with a large portfolio having worked with some of the biggest names in the fetish world it was our pleasure to strap her in tight and ask those all important questions!

First off Nea it’s really great to have you here, I know from doing a little research and of course being a bit of a fan that there is much more to you than meets the eye so my first question is

Who is Nea Dune and how did you get started in modelling?

nea dune photographer bambii photographyThanks for the call! In short – not your average Croatian! A model, aspiring actress, performer, professional dancer and choreographer, part-time MUA and stylist, language freak and phD-to-be. Started modeling quite accidentally – a Croatian alt brand Azdaja asked me to catwalk for them at a Halloween fashion show in 2009, after having been my couturist for ages and bringing all my drawings to life. That was my main kickstart, although I've had some model escapades before and always kinda wanted it.

It seems that the modelling world and especially the alt modelling has become very overcrowded with new models almost appearing each day.  Do you feel that the boundaries of how one looks are getting pushed further and further in an attempt to be different?

Remember that old “Who’s your agency – Instagram?“ meme? Still makes me laugh every time I see it =)

With the hipster movement or maybe pin-up hitting the mainstream, it seems most people don’t aim to be different at all – they just try to be “in” and trendy, whether it’s clothing, crazy haircolors or tons of ink & piercings, resulting in so many similar-looking people. Personally, I’m rarely lucky enough that something I like is hip, whether it’s i.e. StarWars gear, printed leggings or maybe gothic lace, but when it is – I get the shit out of it!

With regards to your modelling, do you try to restrict yourself to just alt modelling or do you look at every project individually and are there any types of modelling you just would not do?

I wouldn’t do nude or semi-nude modelling, nor anything nea dunde photographer dominionart deyan baricdisrespectful to women, degrading or trashy for that matter. I do various alternative styles as well as classic, glam or lifestyle modelling, depending on the project of course. I absolutely love the chameleon side of this job and take every project as a challenge!

Do you have a particular style you enjoy doing the most such as catwalk, cover shoots etc?

I adore catwalks and fashion shows, even though they are very strenuous due to long waits and preparations. Love cover and lookbook shoots, especially when working with killer brands or artists I personally like. I really enjoy shooting video material – music videos and especially TV shows/movies, hope to be doing much more of that!

I know you are very interested in acting, is this an area you eventually see your career

going or do you have some other master plan?

The master plan is here, but my biggest problem is simply being born in the wrong place and continent. Working hard on getting the 01 visa for the States and planning a longer move there. It’s extremely difficult when coming from such a tiny country with no acting opportunities, yet alone in English language!

I know you are a bit of a Star Wars fan, do you prefer the classics with Harrison Ford or are you a firm lover of the new ones with Ewan McGregor and Liam Neeson?  And yes answering this question does make you part of our geeky world!!

The worst question of all heh! I grew up with the classics, which I looove rewatching, but also instantly loved the new ones the moment they were released. Still, let’s put it this way: if someone says Vader, I’ll think first of Christensen and then Prowse! Trivia – I cannot date someone who hates the movies. Doesn’t get the jokes. Doesn’t own a lightsaber or any trooper… wait whaaaat?!

Following on from that question, what other interests or hobbies do you do outside modelling?

Way too many, cloning anyone? Dance, whether it’s teaching pole dance fitness or ballroom; snowboarding, playing the didgeridoo, crafting accessories/clothes, volunteering, poi, languages with 8 being the perfect number to know, loads of traveling and seeing new places/cultures. I think that’s most of it!

nea dune photographer marko zirdum

Now for the fun stuff which all our guests have to endure sorry ‘smiles evilly’!!

As a super cool model do you own a pair of pink fluffy slippers?

Mine are dark blue with a figure of professor Balthazar, a well-known Croatian cartoon! Ha!

If you got stuck in a haunted house and could choose one person to be there with you, who would it be and why?

Loki Laufeyson. Enough said =)

Do you have an all-time favourite movie?

Not just one, sorry to disappoint you guys! My faves range from Alien, Interview with the Vampire, Underworld 1, Matrix 1 to Thor, SW, HP etc.

If you were a cartoon character who would it be and why? I am thinking Jessica Rabbit!

Jessica is yummy but Chowder is the man. Reminds me of my occasional midnight munchies and goofying around with my friends!

Well that just about wraps it up for now than you so much for taking the time out and please Nea keep us updated of all your news dune model

Photographers Credits

Marko Mihin
Bambii Photography
DominionArt-Deyan Baric Photography
Marko Zirdum

James Ryder


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