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If you haven’t heard Omnicon is Ireland’s newest geek culture convention which takes place next week 21st October an event I can assure not to be missed, but as this is the very first time this event is taking place we thought what better time to ask the organisers Emma and Jay just what’s involved in getting an event like this off the ground, so without further ado let’s take a peek behind the making of Omnicon.

I know you guys are very active on the convention scene but what made you decide to have a go at running your own?emily

Jay – We all have experience at differing levels in running conventions already. A few of us had previously been working with another convention for many years but felt it was time to move on to something else. Having worked previous conventions under the restrictions set by the college unions, we were also eager to see what we could achieve while playing by our own rules, and thus at our own risk, for a change.

I have been told that running your own convention can be extremely stressful what has been the hardest part for you guys in getting this ready?

Em – Getting a good venue is always important, and was the part that took the longest for year one. While being year one did mean that we made a conscious decision to start small, even small venues can be expensive and we are funding this convention on our own dime for now.

I am guessing you’re in the final stages of readiness can you tell us  a little bit about some of the events that we can expect see at Omnicon?

Jay – As the name might imply, at least starting out the aim was to have the convention be very general to see what people have a thirst for, and so we have many varied events at the show. We also tried our hardest to find more unique events that differ from the standard fair you see repeated at most conventions.

Our panels and workshops in particular are shaping up very well. We have first time shows such as the Mock the Geek gameshow hosted by Loudmouth Design, as well as some still newer showings which have become popular such as the Voice Acting workshop with Rambling Rob, and the second Irish screening of Predator Celtic Days. We are also hosting a number of workshops, showcasing the “how-to’s” of many of the crafts featured at various cons such as prop making and board game design.

Em – And of course cosplay is a big part of most conventions now, so this will be no different. To cater to our more compact venue we are hosting a cosplay catwalk in lieu of the standard masquerade, which we think will be fun for all involved.

jay I know this is the first Omnicon and we may be getting ahead of ourselves but how you would like Omnicon to progress over the next couple of years, More Guests? More Panels? Etc.

Jay – With a successful first year, the main aim would be to increase the venue size, meaning more vendors, more events, and more room for attendees to come along. Of course we would always like even bigger guests always as well.

Being Cosplayers also can we expect to see you guys in costume or is it a case of all work and no play on the day?

Jay – 50/50 on that one. While Em is all work, I will be hosting the Gwent Experience as Geralt as well as helping judge the Cosplay Catwalk competition, and so will be suited and booted for much of the day.

And one final question before we ask a few fun ones, why should everyone, who can, attend Omnicon this year?

Jay – I think new conventions can offer a lot that people are not used to, and this is an ideal with have moved toward all year in planning. I think Omnicon will show a small-con experience that may be new to many people, as well as a more unique take on things that the scene really needs.

Right now for some fun questions

If you had to choose a Cosplay that you have never done before who would it be and why?

Jay – Savitar from Season 3 of the Flash. The why is simply to build a large costume, and maybe get back into electronics and stuff to get the effects going.

Em – That is a difficult one because my cosplay list gets larger and larger by the day, but right now if I had to choose it would be possibly Cassandra from Dragon Age Inquisition.

What’s your favorite drink?

Both – Coffee!

Do you own or have worn Fluffy Slippers and yes Jay I am looking at you?

Jay – No; steel toe capped boots pretty much all the time.

Em – Yes.

If you could pick any convention in the world to go to where would it be and why?

Jay – That is actually hard to say. Different country’s conventions and communities are so different to each other. For now we are concentrating on Comic Con Germany for next year, but we will see after that. Other than that, Omnicon.

Do you have any fears or phobias?

Jay – I’m afraid not (see what I did there).

Well guys that about wraps it up except to say see you all on the 21st October

Jay – Can’t wait.

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