Pac Man – Old Skool comes to Android

Pac Man


I just love retro games from the 80s, and nothing conjurers up that nostalgic feeling of the old packed arcades filled with teenagers all eager to get their fix of the latest arcade game or came bigger than PAC-MAN which became an icon of the game industry of that time.

With its simple game play which involved the player guiding PAC-MAN around a maze eating pellets while being pursued by his four enemies – Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde all intent on eating poor PAC-MAN!


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At its height it became a symbol of modern teenage culture spawning a number of merchandising spinoffs including an animated TV series, board game and a top ten hit single.







Pac ManSo you can understand my trip back in time when I came across PAC-MAN + Tournaments, not only is this game a very creditable reproduction of the classic but you can play it anywhere any time you like, thanks to Bandai Namco and their Android version of this timeless classic.

Game play is smooth and fast with the graphics and sound keeping true to the original and the added bonus ofPac Man tournament play just adds to this great game and the best part of it all – is its FREE!! So go grab your copy of this fun game now and have some good old arcade fun – 'its a winner guys'.

Find Pac Man + Tournaments on Google Play – HERE



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