The Phoenix Comic Review

The Phoenix Comic is a rather brilliant read aimed at boys and girls aged 6 to 12!

A brilliant opening offer of your first month of 4 weekly comics for just £1.00 seemed to good an offer to miss!  

My son is 6 and like many very very reluctant to read anything!  The Phoenix does partly sell itself on being able to not only encourage kids to read but to actually help improve their reading skills – safe to say, I was sold!
The Phoenix ComicThe first issue arrived a few weeks after ordering, and I was immediately struck just how traditionally comic it is!  My son was super excited to receive his copy and even more so that the highly decorated envelope!

Of course when you receive an existing comic the stories are well established and you can feel a little late to the party, however with the Phoenix because it is written with kids in mind, the stories are simple enough to dive in and get straight into it.

Brightly coloured and a bit gross at times, I can imagine in my childhood, the Phoenix would have been marketed for boys, but thank goodness times have changed and there is plenty of grossness for girls and boys.  We particularly liked Looshkin and Claire Ninja or Justice and my robot mad son loved Mega Robo Bros!
childrens comicThere are also plenty of other
lil bits and pieces which round the Phoenix out and ensure parents love it as much as kids!   Such as the Big News and a book club, in fact its pretty packed with great stuff!

Does it help reading?  Yes – I can imagine if your child is a reluctant reader this is a perfect way to engage them!

My only reservation is that quite a few of the stories are written entirely in capital letters, which can be a little bit of a mystery to a six year old!

My son is only just 6 and in retrospect I rushed his subscription, 6 – 12 years old is for children a very wide age and ability group!  I suspect those that will love this the most are ages 7 to 9 years old, because although my son loved it, it was beyond him to read independently and he did get bored eventually when we read it together.   So I have not, at this time, continued my subscription, but I fully intend to resubscribe when he is a little older and ready to independently sit and read.  However I never forget that all kids are different and your six year old may love it!


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