Punching Bag Film Review

Punching Bag Packing Plenty of Comedy Punch

Punch Bag as the name suggests, is just that. It’s a comedy set within a women’s self-help group, which pushes them to take out their male induced traumas on the Jamie Andersonhumanpunch bag named Stacy Simms (Jamie Wollrab).

The opening scene alone is enough to have you cringing in your seat, as Stacy’s brother Brock (Jonathan Stoddard) introduces the class to douchebag defence.  This man is the god of gods, the knight of knights and yet somehow the king of sleaze all rolled in to one.

Brock’s sole mission is to verbally push these women in to a state of frenzy, to release all that pain and anger, while also trying to bed as many ladies he can along the way.

Unfortunately, Stacy who has to bare the brunt of this aggression is almost the complete opposite of his brother, offering empathy and understanding in the eternal hope of finding love. “I’m sure there are better places to find a partner” but each to their own.

There is definitely a few hidden messages in this comedy, not least the obvious one…. why do women always prefer bad guys?  With that said, there is a hell of a lot to like about this film.  The comedy is good, even better if you consider it’s not easy deliver good quality in such a short run time.

Combine this with some zany Jim Carrey style acting from Jonathan Stoddard and you will see why this film does indeed pack a punch.
Jonathan Stoddard Director Notes:

Jamie Anderson wrote, directed, and produced PUNCHING BAG ahead of the #metoo movement in Hollywood, and her timing of this release is in sync with the climate. We have categorized men as villains, and put them all in the same box. Although the movement was necessary, the pendulum has swung too far. In Anderson’s words, just be an exceptional human.

Her film recently won “Best Director” at the 2018 Los Angeles Short Film Festival, screened to acclaim at Holly Shorts, and now is an official selection for OVFF, and ITVFest, where it will be considered as a potential television series. In addition, Ms. Anderson was announced by The International Screenwriter’s Association, as one of the “Top 25 Writers to Watch in 2018”.

To date, Anderson completed another short, I’m F%$#ing Fine and has several features in development with Broken Road Productions and Patriot Pictures.


Director: Jamie Anderson

Writer: Jamie Anderson

Bree Turner …Princess
Julie Gonzalo … Sweetest girl Layla
Jonathan Stoddard … Brock Simms
Jamie Anderson … Honeybee
Kate Krieger … Good Time Kat
Jessica A. Caesar … Lady Worthless Claire
Danielle Meredith … Dojo Girl
Jessica Moreno … Roller Coaster Alexis
Jamie Wollrab … Stacy Simms
Daphne Trinh … Dojo Girl #2

INSTAGRAM: @punchingbagshortfilm

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