Quick Review – Sailboat Championship for iPhone

When we first got hold of Sailboat Championship for the iPhone we were all a little unsure of what to expect, as at first glance it is definitely not your usual run of the mill game, which considering the thousands of games and apps out there has got to be a good thing!

When you start off you really do have to take the lessons in how to sail and steer your boat otherwise you are going to be going nowhere fast and trust me I tried, but with a little effort you will soon be whizzing around the courses trying to catch the best winds.


As you produce faster and faster times you get to unlock more levels and boats and even try your hand at a rescue mission! There is a definite learning curve to this game but it really is worth it. Combined with nice 3D graphics and some cool audio Sailboat Championship will surpass your expectations in more ways than you think, as you find yourself keep going back toproduce that fastest lap. This is one game that will be staying on my phone for the some time to come!


Find it here – http://www.idreams.pl/en/and on iTunes


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