The Quiet Zone Short Film Review

The Quiet Zone Short Film

When In the Quiet Zone it Pays To Keep Quiet !

Ever been on a train late at night, or walking the corridors of a hotel when nobody is around, there is something about those situations that give me the creeps and if just to confirm my feelings I have just watch Quiet Zone a short film from writer/director Andrew Ionides which brings those very same fears to life as we are given a front row seat in to a very unnerving journey to say the least

Watching as a late night commuter Ella played by (Jessica Bayly) has her quiet zone solitude disturbed by the annoying whistling sounds of a stranger, she quickly leaves the train at the next stop only to find she has jumped from the frying pan into the fire, as she quickly finds herself with no escape and failing ticket barriers, it’s at this time you can feel some empathy with our protagonist as every shadow becomes a monster and every sound a footstep.
Jessica Bayly
As Ella struggles not only with her own fears but also a very unhelpful barrier she quickly seeks another exist all the while the presence of a stranger forcing her pace.

Yes, there are some things in this film you can almost expect but it has to be said Jessica Bayly plays the part beautifully. you can see the fear on her face almost feel it as she races to escape combined with the perfect location and nice camera work make for a thoroughly charged short in fact I almost with there was more.

While the Quiet Zone may not bring anything new to the table what it does do, it does very well, indeed and highlight all those fears we have every day when we find our self alone late at night and our mind brings the monsters out.

Verdict well worth watching. Rating:  8/10

Title: The Quiet Zone
Director: Andrew Ionides
Starring: Jessica Bayly, Kasey Iliana Sfetsios
Genres: Thriller, Horror
Runtime: 8 minutes
Studios: 24 Foot Square – Short Subjects, ATF Films

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