Indoor RC Helicopters – more fun than swinging your cat

The frustrated pilot in all of us can be expressed by means of the 'fun for all' indoor remote controlled helicopter – the must have go to gadget for any discerning gadgeteer (yep I made that word up).  Not to be confused with the larger RC Helicopters you need to leave your sofa for, this is almost a sport, and you can do from the comfort of your sofa! 


Air Tiger RC HelicopterThere are many to choose from in prices ranging from – "oh thats, cheaper than I thought' to "f**k me, thats expensive".  Being a huge fan, and a owner of more than one RC Helicopter, the Kewel World'ians (yep, I did it again), have asked me to do a run down of some of the indoor RC Helicopters out there.  Finding something hopefully to suit all tastes and most importantly budgets.

Air Tiger Remote Controlled Helicopter

Sold by The Works, and manufactered by The Discovery Store, this Helicopter is priced just right for those wishing to dip their toe in the RC world without wincing too much as money is swiped.  It is without, of course, much of the fancy aerodynamics and special features of many RC copters,  but priced at just £14.99 (thats a 70% saving off the £50 RRP, with delivery from 99p) for under twenty quid, you could be whizzing your very own helicopter around the living room, frightening the cat, and landing on lamps (not recommended). 

Very little technical information is giving, apart from that the Helicopter has three channels, and size wise is 5 x 15 x 5 – we are assuming that is centimetres (bad show The Works!).  

Find it HERE 


Nano CP 6CH Flybarless RTF Radio Controlled Helicopter 2.4GHz

Found on NitroTek – which is a great newly discovered website specialising in all things RC.  This looks to be taking things up a notch or two in the flying around your living room stakes at £99.98 with free mainland UK delivery this helicopter looks great, and the description makes it clear it is a fully functional RC hobby grade helicopter and not a toy!  It is fully loaded with features, featuring: 

  • three servos;
  • a working gyro (for automatic flight correction); 
  • 7ch 2.4GHz programmable radio transmitter with built in LCD display;
  • extended range; and 
  • precise controls.

On calm days, you can venture outside with this helicopter, and inside it is well built and balanced enough to try some complicated 3D tricks.  At just under £100, its not cheap, but it looks to give a lotta bang for your buck!

Find it HERE where you can also find out far more about the specs and information on this copter. 

Walkera Master CPWalkera Master CP

If you are looking to impress with your new indoor RC Helicopter, then the Walkera Master CP could be the model for you, whether you are upgrading from a cheaper model or deciding to go in at the top level, the Walkera Master CP, found on BuzzFlyer, where they say “……the latest and best RC helicopter to take you from beginner level to 3D pilot! If you've had some experience with co-axial heli's or want to start flying with something that allows you to fully develop your skills then this is the model for you! Utilising 'elastic plastic' components, including the main frame, skids, rotor blades, rotor head and tail assembly the Master CP is able to better absorb crash damage, and not easily suffer breakages. Not only that but the main blades are reinforced with carbon fibre – making them both stiffer and more durable.”

At £159.99, this is a serious bit of indoor flying kit, but if you want to practice tricks, rather than annoy your fellow TV watchers by hovering in front of the telly just as Kat and Alfie get back together for 87th in Eastenders, then this could be investment you are looking for.

Find it HERE


Radio Controlled 3 Channel Indoor RC Helicopter 9089


Finally, going down middle of the road street, I found on Amazon this model, which has the advantage I think of looking really good, while offering some great functionality for a affordable price – at just £34.00 from The RC World, it can fly to 150 ft has three channels, and comes fully assembled.   For a RC Helicopter that is affordable, but looks a little more sturdy than the other budgt one above, it could be a great buy.  There are so many in the £25 to £50 price range, all offering very much the same kind of flying, so I admit I have gone for one I like the look of the most.   But saying that, its pretty feature filled, including: 

  • Proportional Control
  • Altitude & Rotor Speed Control
  • Flight Stabilizing System
  • Lightweight Airframe. 


There really are a lot of places to look for a Indoor RC Helicopter, and some great specialists websites, who offer not only products, but acres of advice and expeience  – I have listed below to get you started. 

BuzzFlyer –

STO Racing Products –

NitroTek –

Wonderland Models –

HeliGuy –


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