Retro Games Snippet – Caveman – my very first!


It was the early 80's, it was Christmas, I was around 8 or 9. The stocking had been done, the satsuma and chocolate money eaten; and my Mum had given up trying persuade me and my sisters to go back to bed, and so at a ridiculously early hour, along with families across the country we were sat in the lounge, around the Christmas Tree, present sacks in hand, ready to leap in, my grandmother trying to work out how early was really too early for sherry.

Dad gives the nod and in we dive, and amongst the assorted toys, books and board games, as my 'main' present was my very first video game, Grandstand's Caveman!

I was of course beyond excited and the rest of Christmas Day and beyond was spent trying to get that little caveman to steal dinosaur eggs, through levels that get gradually harder, with flying dinosaurs trying to kill the caveman and red hot lava being spewed over him – I was ridiculously bad at it, and from my memory it was actually rather hard to play.

Caveman was one of a few excellent console games brought out by Grandstand in the 1980s,and quite possibly the precursor to my subsequent years of geekery and gaming!

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