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Ridge Runners



“She Will Find You.”

Indican Pictures will release Hunter West’s Ridge Runners, this week. This crime thriller involves a child abduction ring, in a small town. Detectives go in search of a missing
12 year old girl. What they find shocks the entire community. Ridge Runners stars Jennica Schwartzman (Parker’s Anchor, 2017) and Christopher Howell (Hayride). To see a wide release on Digital platforms, a preview of Ridge Runners is hosted here.

The trailer shows the detectives and their search for the missing girl. There are a number of suspects. Suspiciously, few of the townsfolk have heard or seen anything of her. As time runs out on finding her abductor, Det. Willow (Schwartzman) grows desperate and turns on the town, who are hiding the young girl’s fate.

Ridge Runners saw a limited theatrical release in January. Since this release, the film has shown on DVD, in March. This April 10th, this exciting thriller will be available on most Digital platforms, including Amazon. This film is a terrifying look at missing children and the underground child abduction rings, which are actually active in the continental U.S.A. More release details on this dark thriller are available now.
Jennica Schwartzman
The film’s official synopsis: “When a 12 year old girl goes missing, detective Rachel Willow discovers an alarming pattern in her sleepy community. What starts as a simple missing person investigation dives deep into an underground world where people are commodities to be bought and sold. This is what happens when you fight back…(Indican).”

Ridge Runners [OFFICIAL TRAILER] from Indican Pictures on Vimeo.

Release Date: April 10th, 2018 (Digital).

Director/writer: Hunter West.

Cast: Jennica Schwartzman, Christopher Howell, Katherine Forbes, Austin Haley and Jason Thompson.

More details at Indican: http://www.indicanpictures.com/indicanpictures/ridge-runners/

Available here, on Amazon:


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