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There are so many new releases and updates for our favourite games, that we have taken the cream of the crop and placed them all in the same place for you. 

Diablo III – Genuine Evil Coming to Your PS3- Choose Your Weapon.

Blizzard Entertainment’s epic action-RPG Diablo® III is moving the eternal war between the High Heavens and the Burning Hells to a new battleground

— PlayStation®3 and Xbox 360®! Armed with a controller and a custom-designed interfac tailored for consoles, players will step into the role of one of five powerful character classes—Barbarian, Witch Doctor, Wizard, Monk, or Demon Hunter —and embark on a dark journey to save the world of Sanctuary from ancient demonic forces. As these heroes adventure from the besieged town of New Tristram all the way to the Diamond Gates of the High Heavens, they’ll engage in pulse-pounding combat with hordes of monsters and challenging bosses, grow in experience and ability, and acquire items of incredible power.


Prison Architect – Alpha 12 Released

Alpha 12 has been released!  Steam users will be automatically updated.  Non-steam users can download the latest version from the builds page here:

Drugs. Booze. Weapons. This alpha is all about contraband.  Steal weapons and tools from the workshop, drugs from sick bay or Whisky and Smokes from the Warden's office.

Now you have to think a bit harder about what room types to include, because whilst visitation calms the little darlings, they'll also use it to smuggle their methadone fix in a baby's nappy.

Search a prisoner, a cell, or order a whole prison shakedown and find out who's got what and from whence it came. Careful though, too many unwarranted searches will result in a riot…



CCP has deployed another of the promised updates to DUST 514 as of 7.30.13.

As always CCP remains committed to improving and tweaking the core game experience of DUST 514 and 1.3 is just the latest in the series of rapid fire updates.

Now, when DUST 514’s immortal mercenaries log into the game, a host of additions, fixes and improvements to the core game await them.

The short list of the many tweaks is below:

·         Weapon balancing

·         Grenade balancing

·         Updated dropsuits

·         Updates to Planetary Conquest feature

More in depth info can be found herehere, and here, just to give the full scope of Uprising 1.3’s additions.



End of Nations® Is Reborn

Free-to-Play online tactical MOBA gets all-new Alpha and debuts re-engineered build with enhanced tactical gameplay

Redwood Shores, CA (July 18, 2013) The wait is over for fans of Trion Worlds’ upcoming strategy game End of Nations; beginning today, the game’s Alpha server is back online and testing has resumed.  The invite-only testing phase delivers noticeably quicker and more dynamic MOBA gameplay, streamlined UI, cleaner graphics, smaller teams and more powerful heroes, delivering an entirely revamped experience.  

“We received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from our last round of Alpha testing – and applied those learnings to the game, boiling it down to the strongest core game elements –tactical combat, session-based gameplay, and vastly improved hero units,” said Scot Lane, Executive Producer ofEnd of Nations. “Our core fans have been tremendous during this stage of early development. We are now confident we have the game the fans have been waiting for: a tremendously powerful tactical game that fans of war games and strategy will love.”

Gamers will notice dramatically smaller teams that now range between two and four players, more focused objectives, better balance, more emphasis on commander abilities and four new classes to choose from rather than two major factions in the game, which will substantially improve matchmaking and queuing.

Additionally, players can level up on the fly in-game with new streamlined tactical leveling that allows for quick adjustments during combat – all of which could be the difference between domination and annihilation.

Gamers interested in joining the battle can register for an invitation to the Alpha and Summer 2013 Beta at

View the latest assets here:




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