Ruby True – She’s Truly Fabulous


It is true that Ruby True is not only a fantastically talented alternative model, but also a fire breather and belly dancer, its also true that when she said she would love to stop by for a chat we were truly chuffed!

So without any more delay, we present a true (the last one I promise) delight Miss Ruby True!

Ruby's route to modelling was less than intentional, starting off as a dancer (something she has continued with!), and without any real aspirations to become a model she indulged her love of dressing creatively, booked a great photographer and the rest as they say is history, once Ruby's portfolio was seen the offers of work started to arrive, and we can see why!

Asking Ruby about her modelling, we chatted about the kind of work she does, as it seems she can turn her hand to most things, but the fetish and latex really stands out, Ruby told me “I shoot all sorts, but I think the fetish/latex seems to stand out to people mostly because of its striking look. I don’t like to box myself into one thing though! If you look on my Tumblr and website you will see many styles!

Multi-talented is definitely how we would describe Ruby True – fire breathing and belly dancing – so I asked Ruby how these talents came about – like the chicken and the egg – what came first? The modelling or the performing?

As I said I have always been a dancer and a little bit different in my nature so it seemed a natural progression for me!

An obvious natural performer, I wondered if the idea of moving into acting appealed? Was Ruby going to be forging ahead with her modelling career, or could she see a side step into the acting world occurring?

I do enjoy acting but I really cant be arsed to learn lines etc, I made most of my national diploma in performing arts up (we wont tell anyone!!) Dancing is where I am happiest!

There really are so many models now appearing as alternative, we plough through submissions from many models, calling themselves alternative, this genre seems to have exploded quite recently, Ruby being an established successful alternative model would hopefully be at the top of many piles, but I asked her hard it is now with so many models vying to be 'alternative' and 'fetish' to make it, and make a living?

“When I started out alt model did not even exist it was a relatively unknown thing and now there is a huge boom!  I think its a great thing as long as the word alternative does not become completely the opposite!

I have had stick for not having crazy coloured hair or enough tattoos and piercings and this saddens me not because I care about their comments, just because as a alternative community you should accept everyone not judge on appearances!

I was once told if I put a coloured wig on I would be “alt”. Alternative model to me is just not mainstream model and you 

can be who and what you want! Its all in the attitude and thinking! I worry there are going to be a lot of girls covered in tattoos for the wrong reasons just to fit in to an alt image.

So to finish off, I couldn’t help but ask Ruby what was the weirdest experience she had had, while on a photo shoot? Was there any strange or funny stories she would care to divulge to our readers?

After a little thought and ruminating……“Ummm I was recently shooting in a field and the cows wouldn’t stop following or staring!

Oh and one photographer recently stuck a moustache on me and dressed me up as a guy in full military uniform!

I don't find much weird its all more fun!



Of course, before we let Ruby go, we asked just a few fun questions!

What’s your Favourite drink?


Which type of man are you most likely to fall for the Brad Pitts or the James Cordens of this world?

Brad Pitt but only in Fight Club!”

If you were stuck on and Desert Island by yourself, what one object would must have?

Sun cream! I burn and look after my skin!

and finally…What’s the first thing you would buy if you were given a Million Pounds?

“I'm not a very materialistic person so I would just pay of any debts family had so we could all live stress free!”



















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