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Sarah Moon

We were very excited when Sarah Moon said yes yes yes, to an interview.  Why? – we love cosplayers on Kewel World, and we love gorgeous curvy girls and Sarah Moon is both!  Describing herself as a Cosplayer, plus size model and photographer, sitting down a for a chat was pleasure that was all ours. 

Cosplay is such a specialized art !  Can you give our readers a little bio about yourself where you are from how you got started in cosplay etc?

Well first off thank you Kewelworld for asking me for the interview, I really appreciate your kind words and this opportunity. So I guess I started  cosplaying around 5+ years ago or so, I was in that Cosplay “whats cosplay?!” Era… where being a nerd or geek wasn’t so cool lol. I guess my upbringing was normal in the geeky sense, Father was a trek-y and Mother was syfy/fantasy-junkie.. Giving me no chance at the muggle world. So growing up I did as most kids would and run home from school to catch the EPIC Toonnami and watch newest episode of Dragon ball Z and Sailor Moon. So then, with how most stories go with watching anime/playing video games led me down the rabbit hole to the world of conventions. At conventions I met so many other fascinating people, who all happened to love all the same things I did and from there I really began to feel that sense of belonging. So in progression it went from liking anime to going to conventions, to cosplaying, which then led to documenting the experiences with photography. Going through all of that led me to find a talent/passion I never realized I had which continued into a career path.  With that in 2012 I Co-Founded with a assembly of fellow cosplayers, a group called Circle Cosplay which is a little endeavor that we hope to make into a charity organization (selling cosplay prints and such) to help children in hopes to become LOCAL heroes of cosplay in our Pittsburgh PA community.

Sailor Moon CosplayOut of all the photo shoots you have done and character you have portrayed do you have a particular favorite?

For me, this is such an easy question to answer, because ever since I was little…it has been Usagi (aka USA released Serena) from Sailor Moon. Since this was my first anime it really holds a special place in my heart and also because Serena and I have so many similarities in our personality.

So, who is Sarah Moon, outside of Cosplaying, you describe yourself as a plus size model and photographer, can you tell us a little more about this?

I’m relatively new to modeling but I have done some small fashion shows/runways gigs and also have shot a couple online marketing promos. Within my modeling I find many helpful tools that translate well into my cosplays and photography. Some of these tools are to be able to pose yourself and others which I find it is a very useful skill to have in this industry.

As a plus size Cosplayer, do you find the reception is always positive, we are absolutely impressed and think you look amazing, with so many cosplayers aspiring to be tiny anime characters, is standing out a little bit positive? 

I’m not going to sugar coat it, being a plus sized cosplayer is hard in this day and age. Curvy girls are oftenly misrepresented or under-represented in the sense of online exposure. With curvy ladies in the cosplay industries we often meet many different challenges when choosing characters to portray. But I feel if you have enough love and confidence, you can cosplay any character. Recently, I feel times are changing for us curvy cosplayers, because so many other epic, plus-size women are emerging and become very popular in the cosplay scene.

Cosplay has really grown over the years and is pretty much parts of any comic or movie convention, what advice would you give anyone wanting to get involved in cosplay?

Cosplay is about friendship and having fun, so don’t worry about what the elitists say about your costuming with being too big or small, too sexy, not the right color or any other negativities. Be confident and remember no one can make you feel bad about yourself without your consent.

What does the future hold for Sarah Moon?  More cosplay, modelling orSailor Moon Cosplay photography?  Or perhaps a foray into the world of acting?

I’m really excited for some of the new cosplays I have on my list and where Circle Cosplay will be in a year or so.  But with every endeavor, I hope to represent a positive cosplayer/model for other girls and I will strive for this.


Right time for some fun questions

Do you sing in the bath or shower?

Ooh my Yes, I am a regular diva in the showers belting out every song I know. No song is safe, even the songs with no lyrics.. I personally rock at dubstep, Wooop-datat-gahhw!

What type of music do you like to listen too?

I love all types of music but my favorites are soundtrack titles (especially Tron: Legacy, it makes everything EPIC) and Disney’s hits.

Where in the world would you most like to visit?

Japan and South Korea are my top choices. But Ireland has a real lead since it is my heritage.

If you could be a super hero, who would it be and why?

Super Heroes, Let see I really like the Xmen route.. Being a mutant with powers has a real appeal to me.  Probably Emma Frost or some psychic if I could pick!

Well it’s been a pleasure getting to chat you Sarah, please keep us up to date with all your news and events

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