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Sarah Quinn is a freelance ALT Model based in London, describing herself as a Gamer Clothing Designer and all around nerd, so it was pretty cool to throw a few questions at this very sexy gamester.



First off Sarah how did you get started in modelling?

"Honestly? I don’t know how I got into it, I remember someone telling me I couldn’t do it which drove me more, but, I don’t remember the point when I started doing as many things as I do now."

Of all the photo shoots you have done to date which ones are your personal favorites?

"Normally it’s hard for a model to pinpoint certain shoots, but I love all my shoots with Frances Sales, we’re best friends now because of working together so often, I also loved working with SIS Photography, we had a limited time scale but produced hundreds of useable shots whilst eating burgers watching bargain hunt… we were in a hotel haha!

I also loved my shoots with Kev, Photolion. He’s hilarious and made me feel at ease very quickly, always a bonus."

Sarah QuinnYou also run your own clothing line, how did this come about and what is the ethos behind it?

"I now run it with my good friend Doug, it used to be something I worked on, on my own but I always wanted to set up a clothing business, even to this day I get all fat kid in a candy store excited about people wearing our gear! We haven’t got ourselves to where we want to be yet, but we will get there!

It’s called SVS Clothing, if you want a look! –"

So as an avid gamer, what games are you currently playing and which one do you consider your favorites?

"Currently I’m playing the new Bioshock, it’s awesome, so much to collect and do as well as holding an in-depth, addictive storyline.

My all time favourite games are Batman : Arkham Asylum, most people question ‘why not Arkham City?’, but Asylum was a lot darker in the storyline and meeting Scarecrow was just amazing. I love the Bioshock series too, it’s completely different to other games and that’s a hard call to make where every game is so different now!

Sarah Quinn

I am a massive fan of Rockstar too, so GTA, Red Dead Redemption, Bully are favourites and I’m big on zombies games, so Dead Island, Left for Dead, Dead Rising are great games too."

What do you consider a good night out: clubbing, dinner or a night in playing games?

"Well this is where I show just how fun I can be… I’d rather be indoors playing Xbox online with friends over mic than out clubbing wasting money and hurting my feet!

Spose it doesn’t help that I’m quite a tomboy, therefore, the idea of dressing up for a few hours is enough to put me off."

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? Have you set yourself any goals or millstones you hope to achieve?

"I’d hope SVS Clothing takes off and we’re known by locals and worn by more people, I also hope that I would be writing game reviews full time and modelling more than I am now, but only time can tell!"

Before the end we always throw out a few fun questions?

If you had to choose between goings on a date with three types of guys which one of the three would you choose – Gamer? Rocker ? Or a Stock Broker Type? "I had to google stock broker, but definitely not one of them, intelligence is a massive plus but it would have to be between gamer and rocker, purely because gamers we could game together, chat games 24/7 and work out our arguments in a death match, whereas, with a rocker I could be a roadie and go on tour with them, meet idols and be in the crowd singing / shouting my heart out to lyrics whilst the occasional moshpitting!"

Sarah QuinnDo you own a pair of Fluffy Handcuffs?  "Haha, no comment…"

If you had to be a superhero or villain who would you choose? "Definitely Supervillian, I’d take Harley Quinn and Ivy over Wonder Woman and Supergirl any day!  I could not handle trying to be nice to everyone all the time, especcialy when some people don’t deserve it, I like a lot of power too and if I was a villain I’d have minions which would be perfect."

Have you ever read 50 Shades of Gray if so any thoughts on it? "Never read that pile of crap, that’s my only thought on it."

If you won a Million Pounds what would be the first thing you would buy? "I’d buy a big house with extra rooms, those rooms would be filled with all the consoles ever released past and present for gaming sessions and I’d live off the rest so I would never have to leave my games and big gaming chair!"

Well that about wraps it up other than to say thank you so much for taking some time out and chatting with us; before you go just can you tell our readers where they can see more of your modelling and design work?

Sarah Quinn


Facebook – Sarah Modelling

Facebook – SVS Clothing

Twitter – @Sarahsquinn  




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