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I have just finished the first issue of Skies of Fire from publishers Mythopoeia, created by Vincenzo Ferriero and Ray Chou after running a Kickstarter campaign back in 2014, and I loved it!

Skies of Fire does a great job of reminding me exactly what a good comic should be! A wonderful storyline and sublime imagery all wrapped up in aoversized jacket, giving that true feeling of old world charm.

The story itself is a bit like Tin Tin meets Dieselpunk set in the imaginary lands of the Aquilan Empire, the tale begins when an airship is attacked by Storm Raiders while unloading its cargo at Port Prince, their brutal rampage is only cut short by the arrival of a fleet of Blue Coats lead by the Empires fearless; Captain Pierce.

Skies of Fire Captain Pierce.

Not wanting to engage, the Storm Raiders turn and run heading straight into an area known as The Expanse, a mass of uncharted storms, where even Captain Pierce’s bravery must give way to caution, so with no other choice, having already ignored an earlier direct order to do the same, she turns the fleet for home leaving this chase for another day.
If ever you needed a perfect opening to a comic storyline this one has it; a disaster met by a female heroine coming to the rescue!
publishers Mythopoeia

It’s early days, but Skies of Fire is lavish in every way. The artwork by Pablo Peppinoi and colouring by Bryan Valenza is just superb but what really sets this off for me is the little details which have been added, like the map of the Aquilan Empire inside the front page and the image of the Monterey Tribune Newspaper with the headlines “Terror and Destruction” as it reports the Port Prince events. These all add to the story, and having spoken with Vincenzo briefly at a Comic Con, I can tell you these guys are really passionate about their comics and storytelling in general, which is showcased by how much detail has gone into this production, I genuinely can’t wait to read issue two!

Vincenzo Ferriero

The Creators of Skies of Fire
Publisher :

Team/Crew : Vincenzo Ferriero, Ray Chou, Pablo Perrino, Bryan Vlenza, Nic J. Shaw, Josephe Vandel and Rodolfo Reyes

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