Slay Belles Movie Review

Let The Jingles Begin, a Krampus Movie to Put in Your Stocking,

Ho Ho Ho! Christmas fans yes that’s right it’s that time of year again and has Santa got a treat for you? Well no he hasn’t really but I do have 3 Santa’s little helpers to jingle your belles.

Slay Belles the comedy horror is out on VOD and Blue-ray this week, just in time to kickback and sink a few eggnogs as the Adventure Girls take you on a road trip you won’t forget.
slay belles movie
Think Charlies Angels without the Angels think Josie and the Pussy Cats without the Cats, then think again because these girls are badass, cleavage thrusting, people stomping Vloggers , that’s right you heard me I said Vloggers, aint nothing more scarier in the wild than a Vlogger without a spare battery.

The Adventure Girls AKA Sadie (Hannah Wagner) Dahlia {Susan Slaughter) enlist their best friend Alexi (Kristina Klebe) as they set out on their trip to Santa Land, after a quick pit stop at a local bar where they are met by a motley crew of individuals, it’s here that they learn from the local ranger (Stephen Ford) of some mysterious happenings going on, “I know I can almost hear your thoughts Scooby doo be do where are you” but trust me it’s not that kind of movie.

It isn’t long before the girls are out at Santa Land doing their Vlogging thing and having a little fun, only to soon find themselves being pursued by a very hairy Krampus (played by Joel Ezra Hebner), with the special effects on this guy looking pretty dam awesome snarling teeth an all.

But all is not lost for The Adventure Girls as Santa comes to the rescue, or should I say a very aging biker calling himself Santa (Barry Bostwick) does.

With his help the girls set about putting an end to Krampus’s reign of terror only to find it’s not as easy as they thought with a few more twists and turns still left in this tale don’t expect any happy endings, after all that would be giving it away.

Susan Slaughter


Slay Belles is one of those movies where you need to pick up on all the tongue in cheek remarks for the comedy to really hit home, with fine acting performances from Hannah Wagner, Susan Slaughter and Kristina Klebe with an excellent supporting cast of Larry L Andrews, Maude Bonanni, Jarrod Burris, Matt Eskew, Michael Gaglio, Stephen Ford, Diane Salinger, Richard Moll, Rich Manley and Blake Reigle help bring this  movie home.

I wouldn’t be doing this movie justice if I didn’t mention the special effects which for a budget of this type of film are really very good, not to mention the writers Jessica Luhrssen and Dan Walker did a wonderful job in bringing this to life, simply put the storyline works which is all you can ask from a film.

As for the direction well Spooky Dan Walker does what he does and does it well.

Overall the movies is well worth watch and to use a line from the film “Santa Claus is coming to town bitches!” so unhitch those reindeer and enjoy the festiveness that is Slay Belles.

Rating:  7/10

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Directed by Dan Walker

Writing Credits

Jessica Luhrssen
Dan Walker


Barry Bostwick … Santa
Kristina Klebe … Alexi
Susan Slaughter … Dahlia
Hannah Wagner … Sadie
Stephen Ford … Sean
Diane Salinger … Cherry
Joel Ezra Hebner … Officer Anderson
Richard Moll … Officer Green
Rich Manley … Brian
Blake Reigle … Bar Drunk
Larry L Andrews … Biker Dude
Maude Bonanni … 911 Operator
Jarrod Burris … Cookie Baby
Matt Eskew … Jerry
Michael Gaglio … Sheriff
Brendan Goetz … Officer Neil
Diane Ayala Goldner … Mother
C. Courtney Joyner … Officer J. Bishop
Clayton Keller … Cody
Folsom Keller … Folsom
Ed Polgardy … Detainee

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