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Stacey Rebecca

Once again we are joined by another stunning Model / Cosplayer,  this time the very lovely and talented Stacey Rebecca joins us for a chat, one only has to look at her work to see why she has gained many thousands of fans from around the world

Hey you guys!  My name is Stacey Rebecca and I'm a cosplayer and model from London, England.  The modelling actually came quite a bit before the cosplay… I was always into costume parties and that sort of thing, and I decided to take a couple of costumes along to some photoshoots I had booked.  All of a sudden people were calling me a cosplayer and I had no idea what they were talking about!  I just kind of fell into it, it was crazy.  After the Mary Jane photo went viral, there was no turning back!

Over the years the interest in cosplay has really grown, so too the standard of work that cosplayers are creating, how hard is it to keep coming up with new ideas for characters and do you create the costumes yourself?

I do make all my own costumes, yes.  The thing I find most difficult about the growing popularity of cosplay is that there are so many characters that I want to cosplay and I always want to be the first to do something – it's important to me to be fresh and original with my creations!  The downside of that is finding the time and cash to do all the things that I want to do.  Cosplay problems!  There are so many incredibly talented cosplayers out there that there is no point in trying to compete with each other.  I find the best attitude to have is to constantly try and better yourself, to work on your own skills and techniques.  Always compete with your past self, never anybody else!

Who is your all-time favourite character you have role played?

There are so many!  My favourite characters to play are the strong, sexy ones – so Magik and Psylocke (X-Men) are super fun for me to wear, because they're shiny and badass!  It's equally fun to wear something like Tina from Bob's Burgers which is mega comfortable and also gives me an excuse to derp around and be totally silly.

I know you also work as an alt model, which seems to have been overshadowed of late by your cosplay work, is this an area you would like to get back to doing more work in or are you content for now to concentrate on cosplay?

Alternative modelling is what I started off doing, so it has a really special place in heart.  I still love doing the alternative stuff, even if it is just for myself – so I try and do the odd bit here and there.  It's nice to do a bit of both, it means I never get bored!

Having watched one or two interviews you have done on YouTube, I have to say you are very comfortable in front of the camera, any ambitions to move in to TV or acting in general?

Wow, really?  I'm quite a shy person so I feel quite awkward on camera and stumble over my words a lot.  It's great to know that I come across a little better on camera than I do in my head!  I'm not sure I can act but I do enjoy interviewing other cosplayers and presenting so that could be fun.

I know you have a lot of followers from the US, how do you feel the UK cosplay scene compares to our US friends?

It's definitely catching up!  I think the main difference is the sheer size of US conventions in comparison to ours – New York Comic Con was probably about 10 times the size of MCM London Comic Con!  There are also a lot of high stakes cosplay competitions over there that we don't seem to have.  UK conventions are definitely moving towards making cosplay an important part of the scene, with people like AnimeLeague working to bring cosplay masquerades, panels and workshops to UK conventions.  We've some way to go yet but it's great being a part of the movement!

And one last question before we hit you with some fun ‘smiles’, where do you see yourself in five years time, any goals or ambitions to fulfil?

Honest answer?  Married with a baby to make costumes for!  BABY EWOKS PLZ!

Right time for some fun questions

What was the last movie you watched?Stacey Rebecca

Oh gosh, nothing cool at all.  I watched The Whale, a documentary about a young killer whale called Luna who gets separated from his family and makes friends with humans.  I am totally obsessed with killer whales, it's the least cool thing I am into, haha!

Do you own a pair of pink fluffy slippers or any fluffy slippers for that matter?

I own a pair of big black monster slippers with claws but I can't wear them because my dog tries to attack them every time she sees them!

What type of music do you like to listen too?

Anything with a good beat and some meaty riffs!  I am equally happy listening to metal as I am listening to dubstep/EDM.

If you were trapped in a haunted house and could choose one person to be with you  who would it be and why?

Jason David Frank!  He could kick ghost butt while I cower in the corner.

If you could be a super hero, who would it be and why?

I wish I were Batwoman – she is so kickass at what she does, she has bitchin' hair and likes boobs.  I love Kate Kane SO MUCH!

Well that about wraps up our time, it’s been really great getting to chat with you Stacey and please keep us up to date with all your news and events .

If you would like to find out more about Stacey and her work please visit the following links

Stacy Rebecca


Twitter/Tumblr/Instagram: @staceyofgotham

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