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Stephen Espinosa is a man you just have to admire; he has that aura of an ordinary man who brings to fruition extraordinary ideas.  From the age of 14 he was creating websites and by the age of 19 he was already married!  Quick to embrace the potential of the internet he founded a company that offers targeted searches of Google TV ads for small to medium sized businesses, which was eventually snapped and bought up by Search Initiatives LLC.

With hisentrepreneurial eagerness ever growing Steve became a consultant for Jason Calacanis ( Internet entrepreneur and blogger) after he had invited him out to a Lakers game, which opened the door for him to pitch a business idea to some of the big players in silicone valley.

With finance secured he was now able to start his next business; called Backyard, a site that allowed users to search for deals in their locality, its fresh approach and easy to use interface made it prime for the picking and like Buzzspot before it, Backyard was quickly sold to a big fish – in fact, Pixelfish Inc, after only 7 months in existence, for a reputed $3 to $5 million making investors a quick return on their investment.

Now established as an entrepreneur to be watched, Steve Espinosa’s forward thinking again noticed a gap in the market, this time for how mobile the internet was heading, he once again received investment for his newest idea – AppStack a company which offers mobile advertising for business by taking care of their Google Ad Words campaigns with complete analytics to track performances.

Unsurprisingly, taking into account his track record, Steve’s vision and creativeness has led Appstack to become Google’s largest reseller of mobile ads establishing them as the market leaders in mobile advertising.

At 24 years of age Steve’s inclusion to the list of the worlds top entrepreneurs is even more enhanced by his down-to-earth approach and dedication to his family, there is little doubt the internet world is his creative clay and under his guidance AppStack will continue to grow and evolve – and who knows what

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