The Almighties #0 Comic Review


Now you probably haven’t heard of the Almighties, the publishers Actuality Press are not a name that springs to mind well not for me anyway, but as we all know not being a big player in the comic book world should never put you of reading one of their comics.

The Almighties Comic Issue O written by Mike Gagnon and Sam Johnson is more an instruction to a group of super heroes rather than a full blown  story, with a collection of characters that one might struggle to take seriously with such names as Max- Tron “Too Cool For Nerds Too Smart For Jocks” or my personal favourite Agent Phil Coleslaw and yes it does all read like a spoof comic but it’s hard, it’s really hard to tell from this issue if there is really any depth in the storyline as its full of flashbacks and back stories as it tries to lay the ground work, introducing the team misfits which also includes Ms. F, Joe Cyborg, Nite Fang and  Stefano’s.

TheAlmighties#0PromoPage1RratedMike Gagnon

All in all I am not really sure what to make of The Almighties because if it was written as a type of spoof then it’s not really worked at all, finding itself stuck in a type of no man’s land with the funny side not really coming off, now that’s not to say it does not have potential. the idea is good the artwork is ok but it would really need to up its game in issue 1 for me to really continue reading.

Rating: 4/10

Publishing Details

Comic: The Almighties

Publisher: Actuality Press

Writers: Mike Gagnon and Sam Johnson

Artists: Pablo Zambrano, Eleonora Kortsarz, Ron Gravelle, Fran Jung, & Graham Pearce.

Colourists: Jennifer Scott, Lisa Lamb, Giuseppe Pica, Miguel Marques and Nimesh Morarji

Letterers: Kris Johnson and Jacob Bascle

Cover: Eleonora Kortsarz and Miguel Marques

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