The December 2015 Kewel Box Journey

Our second Kewel Box probably presented more of a challenge than the first, we had definitely learned some lessons from our first offering, and wanted to make sure these were taken into account. Plus now that folks had seen reviews of the Timey Wimey box, we had some really great subscribers signing up – lots of them. So now was the month we really had to show our worth!

MontyOne of the biggest lessons we learned from November’s box was that we needed to be less narrow with our themes. I love Doctor Who with an unending passion, but in hindsight it was probably to narrow a theme for a monthly box*, we loved the idea of some retro stuff and really wanted to stay away from Star Wars (because we guessed people would be inundated with it – we bloody LOVE Star Wars but we like to plough our own furrows!). Before subscription had closed down, we had already planned exactly what was going into the box. We knew we wanted to include the Funko POP figure, we love and collect them as any good geeks do, but we do think that they have become somewhat flooded everywhere and are included in boxes simply to add some value. So we had already decided that we would only include a POP when we really felt that it added to the box. Finding a Monty Python Holy Grail POP figure definitely fitted this bill. Kieran ordered one before we did the bulk ordering just to check him out! We choose Sir Bedevere simply because we thought he looked the coolest!

plushFor me, Ghostbusters was the very coolest thing I remembered from childhood, I was 9 when the film came out (yep am that old!) and it was probably the first film I remember seeing with some adult content, it was just a little bit scary and the side effects rawked! So finding the Ghostbusters Plush toys was a brilliant find, we knew that by including both a POP and a high quality plush we are setting the bar high – but that’s where we want it! The only way we are going to persuade folks that Kewel Boxes are their box of choice is by filling our boxes with the very best we can!
thunderNext along was the Thunderbirds mug – we were happy to include a mug, most people appreciate a fun one, and it is probably true that you can’t have too many.

The box had to contain some reference to retro gaming and so we pacmanhwhad decided on some PacMan/arcade game coasters, but unfortunately we were not able to get the volume we needed, but this became a bit of a blessing, because it meant we found the PacMan handwarmers, which are really fun, and hopefully useful (sometimes I can’t help being sensible!). This then meant that we were able to use the space hopper coasters, which are brilliant fun – and yeah love a space hopper even now!

So everything ordered, we then had a very anxious wait, because of Christmas, December is of course a massively busy month. But, we are building some great relationships with super suppliers and they all came spacehopperthrough delivering with enough time to get the boxes together and shipped! We had been running a competition to win Kewel Boxes for a year, and so in one of the boxes (random before they went out so we don’t know until we get an email saying I WON**) is a little golden ticket with a number on it – whoever gets the golden ticket wins! It was fun at the end but “frenzied” is a good word for describing it!
Once everything is shipped, you sit down have a cup of tea (gin) and can do no more but hope they are liked!

So far the feedback has been great : you can watch some review vids here –

January’s theme is London Calling, and we are already planning the brilliant contents! You can subscribe today at, we have left the discount codes from the reviews active – MRG10 should grab you 10% off! (we will soon be launching PayPal on our site – but in the meantime If you would like to subscribe via PayPal just throw an email at us (quote a discount code for 10% off) – and we will PayPal you up).

*We love the idea of making some fan boxes for folks, which are really specialist, so we are planning some really nice higher value limited edition boxes for 2016.

We have also revised our international shipping rates managing to bring the prices down somewhat so we can offer an even more competitive box to those not in the UK.

** We now do know who is the winner is – sorry if it wasn’t you, but we will be running great competitions all next year


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