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3D Action RPG enjoying Android adventure on GREE Platform

London, November 22, 2012– GREE, a leading social mobile gaming content and platform provider, today announces the release on GREE Platform of the popular free-to-play Action RPG, Juggernaut for GREE from Russian developer Mail.Ru Group.

Juggernaut for GREEoffers Android mobile gamers the quality and appearance of a AAA console action RPG in a number of languages including English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. With GREE Platform providing interaction with other gamers around the world, players can join the Juggernaut journey wherever they are.

In Juggernaut for GREE, the player, one of six legendary warriors known as “Scorpions”, is entrusted to defeat the terrifying Sovering and save the land of Haradan. Gamers venture into a dark fantasy 3D world to slay over 100 horrifying beasts and complete perilous quests on their way to an epic final battle against the formidable demon. After eons of ceaseless bloodshed, the time to destroy civilization’s greatest adversary has come.


With GREE Platform, players can enjoy a variety of social features, including calibrating where they stand on worldwide leaderboards, checking achievements against their GREE friends, and using GREE coins to make their in-game purchases.


"We are really thrilled about launching Juggernaut for GREE. We believe the game will be a success, especially with such a great partner as GREE, Inc.” says Vladimir Nikolsky, Vice President of Mail.Ru Group Game Division.


"Mail.Ru Group developed an amazing game that we are proud to be a part of. Juggernaut for GREE takes advantage of GREE Platform's social interactions and possibilities and we are working closely with Mail.Ru Group to evaluate other exciting collaborations in the future" explained Kyoko Matsushita, Vice President of EMEA Marketing and Developer Relations at GREE UK, Ltd.

Juggernaut for GREEKey Features:

•Become one of the 6 legendary warriors known as "Scorpions" and defeat the demon Sovering to save the land of Haradan.

•Amazing 3D graphics and animations

•Dynamic tap and swipe game play

•Customize and strengthen your hero with powerful items, equipment and spells

•More than 100 different monsters and bosses to defeat

•3 in-fight mini games: "collect the mana", “memory game” and “fighting the evil eye"

•2 mini games: “locating buried treasure” and “lock picking”

•Liberate and defend each areas of Haradan and collect tribute from the local inhabitants

Juggernaut for GREE

Juggernautfor GREEis available for free on a number of Android devices from Google Play.


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