The Sexiest Women of Sci-fi

The Sexiest Women of Sci-fi

There is no denying it – where would the science fiction world be without the sexy clad female, the movie world more than most owes many of its sci-fi hits to these lovely ladies, not least for their acting but also for the little touches of sexy spice that has long been the fantasy of many a young man’s youth.

In true Kewel World fashion we feel it only fitting to offer our personal thank you by showcasing some of the sexiest women from movie history.

Jane Fonda Barbarella


Jane Fonda

There is little doubt that the movie Barbarella, based on Jean–Claude Forest’s French comics of the same name, firmly established Jane Fonda; who played the lead role as one the all-time sci-fi goddesses.  Released in 1968 Barbarella achieved cult status when it was re-released in 1977, set in the year 40,000 and with all the futuristic imagery of its time, which included Fonda wearing many revealing outfits making her firmly entrenched at the top of our list

Image courtesy of Fotopedia, licensed under Creative Commons.

Princess Lia  Star Wars
Princess Lia – Star Wars

Carrie Fisher

Ever since the immortal word of “Help me, ObiWan Kenobi; you’re myonly hope” were heard, Princess Lia became every young boy, and even some dads, fantasy as actress Carrie Fisher teased us with her delights, instantly becoming a house old name when Star Wars hit the screens way back in 1977, placing Carrie firmly in our hearts and more importantly our dreams forevermore “May the Force Be With You.

Black Widow  Scarlet Johansson

Black Widow Avengers Assembled

Scarlet Johansson

Scarlet Johansson is one of the new bread of fantasy heroines as she takes on the role of Black Window from the Avengers, with her innocent looks wrapped up in a leather outfit Scarlet raised the temperatures of movie theatres with her sexy assassin look and kick-ass style propelled her on to many a geek’s wall.
Natalie Portman Star Wars
Padmé Amidala Star Wars

Natalie Portman

Princess Lia may have jumped in to are hearts and minds first but Padmé Amidala, played by Natalie Portman continues the Star Wars seduction with her hotter than hot looks and sexy outfits, Natalie’s sweetness somehow took over where Carrie left of, reinvigorating a whole new generation of fantasies with the fact that she was playing the role of Princess Lia’s mother only adding to the spice

LeeLoo Fifth Element 

Milla Jovovich

In 1997 the beautiful yet slightly odd LeeLoo jumped on to our screens, played by Milla Jovoich and covered in little more than what can be best described as a poor bandage, she quickly became and instant hit with sci-fi fans not least because of her sculptured sexuality but also her martial arts prowess securing her immortality into the lists of fandom.

Aeon Flux Charlize Theron

Aeon Flux

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron who was already considered one of the most beautiful women in the world, only enhanced that reputation by her role as Aeon Flux – an adaptation of an animated series by the same name.  Aeon ensnerared many a man with her tight fitting body suit and cat like features, making her the perfect girlfriend -“hot and can kick ass”

Star Trek  Zoe Saldana
Star Trek

Zoe Saldana

Saldana brought the heat to the deck of the Enterprise when she played Uhura in Star Trek and even more so when she reprised the role in Star Trek Into Darkness, where she also got to kick some Klingon butt.  Adding some feistiness to her role as Uhura made her even more appealing so much so, that it seems even the usually immune Spock cannot resist her charms, for that alone she deserves to be included.
Megan Fox Transformers

Mikaela Banes Transformers

Megan Fox

Transformers brought us many things – cars that turned into cool robots, battling throught the cities of America and a hot girl by the name of Mikaela Banes played by Megan fox, this bad ass girl whose pose under the hood of a truck, is for ever instilled as an iconic image of sexiness’ making Megan Fox a must for every list of sexy women.

Sue Storm Fantastic Four

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is never far from a list of some kind, she was already synonymous with sexy for her role as Nancy Callahan in Sin City, she further  increased her geek appeal by playing Sue Storm from The Fantastic Four with her figure hugging blue suit and special powers make this blonde bombshell a firm favorite with Sci-Fi fans

Mystique X-MenMystique

Rebecca Romijn

Mystique played by Rebecca Romijn is mutant sex kitten from X-Men.  Wearing a near naked blue costume this nimble shape shifter with a bad girl image makes for some enticing hotness which is why Rebecca Romijn was not only the perfect casting choice but also a must include for any list of sexy sci-fi Women.

Photo by Kerry Hayes SMPSP – © 2003 – Twentieth Century Fox

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