Three Watch The Ghostbusters Trailer

It’s not news that there is a new Ghostbusters film about to be launched upon us!  Being over a certain age, I remember the first one very well, it was an amazing film of its time and one that ended up being a defining memory for those whose childhoods emcompassed the eighties!

gbSo with that in mind, three of us sat and watched the trailer.

My initial reaction was one akin to horror, it felt so very cheesy and like a remake without any imagination, I don’t mind the idea of a female cast (being one myself), but it felt like a gimmick, I had been hoping perhaps they are the children, neices, long lost etc……… of the originals, could see many refernces to the original etc etc.  But nope its a remake with a female cast.

But then I watched two others watch the trailer, both like me loved the original both are old enough to remember Top Deck and both went to see the original on a Saturday morning at the cinema (and one whom I am married to, has never quite lost the love he has for Sigorney Weaver).  Both chuckled a little and grinned, both thought it was “ok”, and actually quite good, this shocked me, expecting a universal agreement at the horror inflicted on such a iconic film.

But then I watched it again, and I watched as they did – with an open mind and on its own merit and I realised that the words “kids will love it” were spot on, they will, becuase 1984 is something so old and remote to them that Ghostbusters will become four women and far better special effects!  It isnt a new take on old jokes for anyone for anyone who thinks a Marathon is just a race and not a nutty chocolate bar, its a totally new creation, and watched like that, its a romp and its fun, its cheesy and silly and Melissa McCarthy being as brilliant as she ever is and its a herse and slimer.

Bill Murray opening a fridge to another dimension will always burn brightest in my mind, but its ok Ghostbusters is big enough for a new generation to rock it!


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