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Well as reviews go this one is perhaps a bit late since the movie has been out for some time, now but in truth I only got to see it this February at Dublin’s Horror Con Screamvention where funnily enough both Director Jessica Cameron and Heather Dorff were guests

With the plethora of indie films being made these days it can sometimes it can be very hit and miss on what you get these days thankfully I had heard some good reports about Truth or Dare so when I got the opportunity to not only watch it but also meet the creator there was no way I was going to miss out.

The film itself was written and directed by Jessica Cameron with Jonathan Higgins and includes cast members Ryan Kiser, Heather Dorff, Shelby Stehlin, Devanny Pinn , Brandon Van Vliet, Jesse Wilson, Buz Wallick, Grae Drake and Jessica Cameron herself

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Right off the bat you know Truth or Dare is going to be a bit different, as it follows the last recording by The Truth or Dare Devils, a group of six friends who play a game many of us my know as spin the bottle where if it the bottle lands at you then you have a choice of tell a truth or take a dare, only in this instance after their videos have become something of a hit on the internet they are confronted by one of their biggest fans in the form of Derik B. Smith played by Ryan Kiser and without doubt Ryan has got the crazed slick psych thing down to a tee, almost in fact to the point you feel you need to take a shower after just watching him.

The movie starts at almost a sedate pace luring you in with some very funny moments before it hits you with a great big axe as blood and gore is spread all over the screen and you are left sitting there in your in your own pool of wow wondering what just happened!

Being set almost in one room and the focus being very much on the actors and the directing abilities of Miss Cameron.   It’s either going to work and be a really good movie or its going to fail dismally! This not only works but it’s got the “OMG Did that really happen factor” an ingredient that so many films seem to lack today, combined a group of actors who really shine this film is one every horror fan will want to watch.

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Overall how do I rate this film? Well we could over analyse the hidden theme of truths and lies but really when you leave a movie still mumbling WOW OMG, then you know you just watched a good movie and yes one where you may need to take a long bath to wash away everything you just seen but still WOW!

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Jessica Cameron and Cast take a bow you guys did good

Rating:  10/10

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