Unpopular Tales Red Riding Hood Hits London Super Comic Con!

Unpopular Tales
Well as you may or may not know the London Super Comic Con Kicks off in just over a week and boy does it have a great line up with a very new and interesting comic making its debut in the form of the ‘Unpopular Tales Red Riding Hood’.

The project came about after successfully completing a crowd funding campaign to cover the production and release of a new series of comics for adults which claim to reveal the real stories behind the best known folktales.

A barely innocent Red Riding Hood, offers her top of the line services to distinguished clients in Granma’s brothel. This is the real story of the girl with the red hood and not the sweetened version you have heard before, at least that’s what the authors of the Unpopular Tales claim. Their objective is to promote this and other stories for adults of the classical tales, in a full color 45-60 pages comic format.

red riding hood

They have successfully completed the sales of the first edition in Spanish and are going to promote their work outside their territory for the first time at London Super Comic Con (Booth D424). Pedro Delgado (the Kid Kaos) will be the artist in charge of the second story, which will be revealed in the upcoming months.

They have already presented the project at several conventions and stores in Madrid, Murcia, Barcelona, Granada, Gijon, Valencia and the Canary Islands this past 2015.

London Super Comic Con
Not only are the Unpopular Tales guys in attendance but they promise to have on hand a host of merchandise for sale with prints, commissions and copies of their comic. Sketchbooks and even some t-shirts, definitely a booth to check out if you’re visiting The London Super Comic Con and remember to check back at a later date when hopefully we will have a full review of this interesting addition to the Tale of Red Riding Hood.




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