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We have been extremely lucky at Kewel World to get a chance to chat with Model and Cosplayer Victoria, who has been involved in cosplay since early 2006 bringing not only her beauty but also her own unique expressions and designs to the characters she portrays.




So Victoria can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself

"I'm from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and I began cosplaying in 2006. I was inspired by a photo of a beautiful Japanese woman dressed as Rikku from the video game Final Fantasy X-2."

Obviously you are also a model and I noticed from your site that you do pin-up, which is a genre that is very popular these days. So, cosplay, pin-up, glamour etc – what do you prefer?

"I like doing all of them. It's fun to be a superhero, a pin-up model or doing something glamorous. I do more of the cosplay stuff but it's also a nice change of pace to be girly and do something glam. 

How do you think the cosplay scene has grown since you first got in to it? Is it taken for granted that where there’s a comic or game convention there is cosplay and cosplayers?

"It's changed a lot since I started. It seems like everyone is doing it which is great! It's wonderful to see the community grow. Unfortunately there's a lot of drama that has sprung up. Certain people think it's a competition. It's usually people who get into cosplay for internet fame or attention. They aren't fans of geek culture, they just want to get famous. It's sad that they get into it for their own personal glory and try to ruin it for everyone else. Fortunately though, there are circles within the cosplay community that are tight and remain true to the craft and fandom. Those people are wonderful and absolutely amazing. I think everyone expects to see cosplayers at a convention or event which is great."

Like most of us, you are also a bit of a geek, what types of things are you into? Do play any games like World of Warcraft or do you collect specific memorabilia?

"I collect toys such as Barbie, Monster High and Disney Princess dolls. I collect Pop! figures and comic books. If I see cool things related to Doctor Who, Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman, I tend to buy it."

I know you like your Dr Who, what are your thoughts on the latest Dr?  And do you have a particular favourite?

"I loved the finale of this season of Doctor Who! It's was satisfying finally finding out what the deal with Clara was and the appearance of the mystery Doctor definitely has the wheels in my head turning! I miss the Ponds a great deal though. I love Matt Smith. He was my first Doctor so I have a soft spot for him. I also love David Tennant. I miss him. He wasn't the Doctor long enough. He left too soon. I can't wait to see him in the 50th Anniversary Special."

When you’re not modelling or cosplaying what other things do you enjoy doing?

"Reading and writing. I have to be reading a book or trade. If I don't, I feel like my mind turns to mush. I've had a blog since 2010 where I conduct interviews and write convention reviews and opinion pieces. I spend a lot of time with my family, my boyfriend and our two cats."

Just before we get on to some fun questions, where do you see yourself in five years’ time any dream job you would like to be doing?

"I'd love to have a full time job writing. I also hope to be getting more modeling work in the industry."

Now Victoria before we set you free so to speak – although we may keep you – 'smiles', we always like to ask our guests some fun questions!

Do you own a pink pair of fluffy slippers or any fluffy slippers for that matter?  "That is a funny question! Nope, I don't have fluffy slippers. Just flat ballet slippers."

What type of music do you listen to? "All different kinds. Everything from classical to meditation music, pop and rock."

If you were a super hero who would it be? "Wonder Woman."

Where in the world would you most like to visit? "Egypt. I am a lover of Ancient Egypt. I read books and collect everything from statues to jewellery and dolls. The Cult of Aten really fascinates me among other things like their architecture, their religion, fashion and the wars they won.  My goal is to see the pyramids and visit the Valley of the Kings before I die."

What’s your favourite movie? "Beauty and the Beast. The story telling, animation and music is just gorgeous. Belle is my favorite Disney Princess. She's a bookworm and although she has a comfortable life, she longs for adventure. Her split second decision to switch places with her father as a prisoner is admirable and brave. Family comes first to her. I love Belle to pieces. She's intelligent, brave and adventurous."

Well thanks again Victoria for taking some time to come chat with us and please keep us up to date with all your latest news, if you want to find out more about Victoria please visit the following links:








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