Violeteyes – Burlesque Beauty

When I grow up I want to be Violeteyes!! (we are forgetting the fact I am 34, currently heavily pregnant with thighs that resemble cottage cheese!). I would normally leave this interview to the boys, but I was so impressed with Violeteyes, her looks, attitude and persona that I grabbed it for myself from under their noses!

Violeteyes is a pin-up model and burlesque performer, her look is unique, one magazine describing it as “the latex clad love child of Jessica Rabbit and Marilyn Manson", a self-confessed 1940's throwback, with extensive tattooing it is rather hard to pop her in a genre box – so we wont!

She says she is “slightly obsessed with zombie's and Frankenstein and tailored this obsession with my love of performing to create my gorelesque shows” – the performer side of Violeteyes!

I started out by asking Violeteyes, how did she got started in modelling and more particularly the alternative side of things?

When I was 16/17 I was scouted by a model agency, I turned them down as I wasn't into "high fashion" and was more obsessed with corsetry and high heels.

It was always in the back of my mind and I regretted making that decision so when I was asked to pose for a photography student at University I went ahead and the photos ended up online and everything snowballed from there!”

I was interested how the burlesque fire eating gorlesque meshed with the modelling side of things, she has such a vast array or different looks, all of them very individual, does the burlesque side of things help with this?

I've always admired the pinup look from a young age, I remember getting my mum to cut and perm my hair like "Marilyn" when I was 11 , and wanting an "Audrey Hepburn " dress for the school disco's! Looking at things it was only natural progression that I fell into the burlesque scene eventually. A lot of my "looks" come from the outfit, its strange how a certain material or dress can change your persona and get you into character. I guess that the different characters I've played during my performances has maybe helped get me into this mindset when I'm posing.”

It is obvious when viewing Violeteye's pictures and shoots, that her body is a canvas with which she display her art? Creating that look which is very individual, I asked her at what point she realised who and what you wanted to be?

I was probably in my early twenties. I've always melded between pinup/fetish and grunge genre's but it was only in my early twenties I gained the confidence to be me and feel more comfortable stepping out in a vintage dress and stockings one day and throwing on a pair of jeans and a ripped up holey t shirt the next without worrying what people would think and that I didn't fit into a certain "scene".”

Violeteyes is signed to a few agencies, but told me she is not exclusive to anyone, which gives her the independence to be freelance, taking control of her work. Most of us would assume that the lifestyle is 90% performance/shooting and 10% paperwork but this she tells me this couldn’t be further from the truth with it in fact probably being 90% paperwork and self promotion. The competition she says is tough, especially at present when there isn't enough paid work to go around and girls are prepared to work for free to get "noticed" and magazines are requesting free content which people are prepared to provide.

The internet and the online world seems to nowadays play its part in pretty much everything, so I asked Violeteyes how much she saw the internet as being key to her own success?

Who doesn't have Facebook, who doesn't use the internet?

"Violeteyes" is my brand, a product and I treat it as such. All companies network with their consumers online via social mediums such as Twitter etc and all have presences not only from their own websites but on Facebook, Linked-In etc. I need to harness that "exposure" and method of communicating so I think not having a website or Facebook etc would be pretty much career suicide.

So how hard is it to make a living being a model these days with so many girls vying for the same kind of exposure? To my mind Violeteyes doesn’t seem mainstream, could this be a hindrance?

You say I'm not mainstream but look to the main lads mags right now, they're turning to "alt glamour models" – tattooed girls are in demand right now – you'd be surprised times are changing when it comes to the good old fashioned glamour model!

So what is her craziest moment so far? Well its every little girl's dream! – “Getting lowered into a tank to be a mermaid for the day – it was so much fun. Its great to get the opportunity to live out some of these dreams for a day. I also did a shoot as Wonderwoman who is my all time hero – that was awesome!

…..And the key to success? Violeteyes sums it up in “five golden P's” –

Preparation, Punctuality, Professional attitude, Persistence and Personality!


Finally, I rounded off with some fun questions, because that's just what we do!

If you were stuck on and Desert Island by yourself, what one object would must have?

A boat!”


Which Cartoon Character best describes you?

I'd love to say Jessica Rabbit but in all fairness I'm really clumsy so it would probably be more like Goofy!


What’s the first thing you would buy if you were given a Million Pounds?

A monster truck done up like gravedigger!




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