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We came across UK based Alternative Fetish Model and Performance Artist, Vynx, and we immediately wanted to know more, so when she agreed to an interview, we wasted no time…..

So in her own words (and pictures) ….. Vynx
I am a semi professional model based in London and I model varied looks from alternative/fetish to retro/pin up as well as glamour/nude. I like all looks and styles so long as they are creative but I enjoy working most within the fetish/alternative side of things because it’s kinky like me!


I’ve also modelled for catalogues and on catwalk, been an extra in films, published in magazines, books and calendars.

I’m also a performer, I do private performance involving swords – most places don’t have a licence for weapons as such and I did a recent charity show called ‘Barelesque’ which has been nominated as Erotic Show of the Year 2012.


I like and enjoy fetish modelling because I have a fetish side so doing this type of shoot is not just ‘dressing up’ for me, because I have always worn latex, pvc, corsets clothes and stockings, heels, etc and been to various fetish clubs, so is all quite natural and fun. It’s a bonus as well that I get paid, meet creative people and travel to various places. I like to create many styles because I like to be challenged and be creative and not limit myself to one thing.

Can you tell us how you got started in modelling and more particular the fetish side of things?

It’s cliché but it was an accident! I started off trying to get some professional pictures as a performer for this burlesque group I performed with – a combination of gore and fetish burlesque, not quite a standard burlesque. And it went from there, the photographer I worked with was professional and amazing to work with and we carried on collaborating and I was happy with the pictures. I realised I enjoy doing this and carried on from there. I have always been into alternative and fetish so when I became a model it was natural for me to be more into that side.

Are you signed to an agency or do you look after you own bookings and the promotional side of things?

I am signed to agencies and I also do my own bookings; I work 90 percent in networking and promoting myself. I have various online portfolios, check out my Model Mayhem profile. I am a pretty organised person and you need a lot of hard work and discipline to work for yourself – luckily I like to challenge myself! I am motivated in what I do because I enjoy it and have fun.

The internet is now an integral part of our lives, would seem unthinkable to not have a website or an online presence?

I have a website come and check it out: www.whatisyourpoison.co.uk, it shows all the type of shoots I have made with the wonderful people I have worked with. I am in the middle of changing my website so watch this space. I maintain and build my own website since the last person I hired to maintain it proved to be unreliable.

I also have an extended website here, a bit of a blog (www.vynxvyxen.wordpress.com) where people could me ask me anything or even have a custom made video or photoshoot theme that they like to see me in.

I also made a normal blog (www.whatisyourpoison.co.uk/wp/?p=7) recently as some fans would like to know more about me. I am new at blogging but I pretty much talk about anything what I want.

I’m also in Zivity: (www.zivity.com/users/Vynx) where people and fans can vote for their favourite photos of me and depending on how many votes, they get incentives like free photos or more.

I think definitely the more exposure you have online the better, everyone is on social networks these days, but I also attend various club events like Torture Garden, Club Subversion, to meet and socialise.

I have Facebook so give some love and like my page.

So what's the key to success? Looks? Attitude or does the media play its part?

Maybe all! I have learnt that you might have the looks but if you have a bad attitude then it is not going to work. Having a friendly and professional attitude certainly helps, be prepared for anything for example not all locations are glamorous! Be open to creative ideas and suggestions but at the same time having integrity with what kind of modelling you do – you can’t just say ‘yes’ to everyone! A lot of it is hard work and lots of focus on what you do, I can have a short attention span maybe that is why I like having varied shoots but I work with lots of inspiring people so it keeps me grounded.

How hard is it to make a living being a model these days with so many girls vying for the same kind of exposure?

I think again hard work and having the right attitude helps first and foremost, because having a big ego and diva attitude would surely shut a lot of doors! I think just try and try and it will eventually pay off! The kind of modelling I do may not be mainstream but the market is big enough to cater to everyone’s cup of tea…I just do what I want to do and hopefully someone out there likes that. Sometimes it’s nice to be unique and original rather than looking like everyone else. I find it more interesting, intriguing and challenging being different, which is enough to keep me on my toes, doing the same as everyone else would probably bore me! The career for me is about just being yourself, sticking to your integrity and just having fun! Because everything is not about money, you gotta enjoy what you do – trust me! 😉

You are a performance artist, as well as a model, have you thought of extending this into other genres such as acting?

It is something I would like to get involved in definitely. I have done a small video titled ‘Aneurysm’ with Wyldde Stallion Productions a while back which was fun.

I’ve also been an extra on major films like Street Dance 2. I do get asked a lot to do small independent films and it is about getting the right part I guess.

Are you strictly glamour and fetish? Could you ever see yourself going down the pornography route?

I am strictly glamour and fetish, because it is what I enjoy doing and it represents me for who I am. If I’m not happy it will show on the photos and I want to make good photos. Porn is a whole other subject, there is a thin line that can easily be perceived the wrong way, but again nudity like ‘art nude’ is completely different to opening your legs and sticking fingers in between! I wouldn’t do a shoot I deemed unsuitable or tasteless. Once the photos are out there they are out there forever…and I want to be proud of my photos later when I get old rather than feeling embarrassed.

Have you found in the course of your journey any casting couch type scenarios or are all potential photo shoots above board?

No luckily I haven’t, I have heard stories and they are common, we call them ‘GWC’- guy with camera. Basically they are not professional photographers they just want to naked photos of you. I have always worked with professional photographers. I am lucky that they understood the kind of modelling I do so any suggestions and ideas are easy to collaborate on, especially if it involves being naked. I do art nude but it is completely different from somebody just taking a picture of a naked woman. It is all about the angles, lighting and position that make it artistic.

What's the Craziest photo shoot you have had to do?

Whenever I shoot outside the studio you just never know what is going to happen, for instance I nearly got arrested doing a shoot – but I wasn’t naked and they decided we weren’t doing anything illegal so they decided to stay and started watching the whole thing instead! Or another time I was getting into the shoot and I noticed a woman across the car park had been standing with a phone in her hand…I hope I’m not somewhere on YouTube! I don’t mind really, I guess I’m just not one of those who likes to get attention all the time. I can be shy at times funnily enough but once the camera is on I literally take on a different persona. I’m pretty much like ‘we got a shoot to do, so let’s do it…’

Is there a tendancy for some people to read things into how you look and the modelling you do, and expect you to be a certain way?

It can be because people can get turned off or take it the wrong way the kind of modelling that I do. It can be perceived the wrong way between who I am as a model and my real persona. I would say there is a distinctive difference and only the people who knows me knows that. I do make sure I separate them but I do know one thing: we are both kinky! Vynx is my nickname I had since I was a teenager it’s not my real name as most people think, I guess it got kinda stuck. I added Vyxen because, well, why not?

And, of course, we rounded off the chat with some fun questions, which Vynx was more than happy to answer!


If you were stuck on and Desert Island by yourself, what one object would must have?

Only one? Probably pen and paper, write all details of accounts of my experience and turn it into a movie! Ha!ha!


Which Cartoon Character best describes you?

I would say ‘Mystique’ in Xmen, she is enigmatic, strong and a shape shifter, I’m the kind of person you can’t pin of exactly who I am, as one minute I can be a loner who enjoys her own company but the next I can be sociable and like to party!


What’s the first thing you would buy if you were given a Million Pounds?

I would say invest it by buying lots of property all over the world, help my family in the Philippines and party, party, party! Get a sleeve tattoo, buy lots of latex and heels, buy myself a pet like Chihuahua and Sphynx cat. And make sure it lasts…

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