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That’s right all, eight original cast members from the cult film The Warriors will be in the UK as guests of UK Concave, now if you have never seen the film itself, you have missed out on a little bit of cult history, made in 1979 and directed by Walter Hill it tells the story of a New York gang called The Warriors who after attending a meeting of gangs in the Bronx, they are framed for killing Cyrus the leader of the Gramercy Riffs who just happen to the hosts not to mention the meanest and largest gang in the whole of New York

Chaos erupts and The Warriors have to battle their way home to Coney Island taking on a host of other gangs on their way

Without a doubt this is one of the greatest gang related movies of all time with some of the coolest names to go with it – The Turnbull ACs, The Punks and my personal favourite The Baseball Furies and of course the delightful all-girl gang the Lizzies who almost get lucky and take out one or two of the Warriors in a sneak attack

The whole film was shot entirely on location in New York and is widely said to have gone over budget nonetheless it still remains one of the most iconic films of today and for the first time ever we get a chance to meet Swan, Cleon, Snow, Fox, Vermin, Cochise, Mercy (The Warriors) and Konrad Sheehan (The Punks).

swandorsey wrightsnow
foxTerry MichosDavid Harris
 Deborah Van Valkenburgh Konrad Sheehan

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Edgbaston Stadium, The County Ground
Edgbaston, Birmingham B5 7QU.

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