A little while ago I was a passenger in a friend’s car, we were going along quite nicely and he was sticking to the 30mph speed limit and all was well with the world. Then as we approached a left-hand turn with a mini roundabout (we were going straight on) I realised we were not slowing down and since there was no traffic approaching us my friend just drove straight through the junction. I realised I had instinctively pressed my foot down on a non existing brake (there could well be a dent in the floor of the passage foot well) and I guess I let out a breath. My friend looked across at me with a ‘what’? I asked whether he thought he should have slowed down in case someone had pulled out from the side road to which he replied that it was his right of way.  Yes I said but that wouldn’t help you if someone had pulled out and you ended up in a hospital bed with a broken neck, or worse, I suppose they could put on your headstone ‘He lies here dead, but it was his right of way’.  Don’t criticize my f**king driving was his reply and sad to say, he hasn’t spoken to me since.  

Now I’m not claiming to be the world’s best driver or the brightest card in the pack but bloody hell, just a bit of caution please.  What my friend didn’t see was that I wasn’t criticizing him but the idiot who may have been coming along at that very moment, and instead of stopping and giving way to traffic from their right, pulls across the junction into our path.  There are plenty of idiots to choose from:

  • it could have been the one who pulls up behind you at traffic lights and over the noise of your engine (and your own radio) it’s BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM.  I had one the other day so loud and deep that some coins in my cars ashtray were vibrating;
  • it could have been the one who drives one of those cars that can only be driven in the outside lane, you know the ones I’m talking about, it doesn’t matter if there is any other traffic, they have to be in the outside lane. (I think it’s some sort of weakness/illness that gives them a need to overtake everyone else); or
  • it could simply have been one of those drivers that don’t have to take any notice of speed limits and there are plenty of them about.

I live in a small village with a speed restricted main road running through the middle of it (the same road as mentioned at the beginning). 

 Although there is a major crossroad, a Junior School entrance and a 30 mph limit, this group of idiots are allowed drive along it at any speed they like. (Don’t wonder why they’re not stopped by the Police – there aren’t any).

So like my friend, it’s not him or any of you that this little tirade is about.  It’s about the others, the idiots, the selfish, the road hoggers, the prats.  All I ask is that you watch out for them and just exercise a little caution.  There could be one just up the road, waiting to pull out in front of you.

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