White Ash Comic Book Review

white ash

Fantasy Horror With a Taste of Twin Peek

It’s always nice to get the heads up about a particular movie, book or in this case a comic I should be checking out, especially when the words horror and twin peaks are used to pique my interest

Now just for readers to take note, this comic is not for the young of age or faint of heart being recommended for readers 16 and over.

Having been launched on Kickstarter with some pretty strong backing, much of the storyline revolves around Aleck Zwerg and the sleepy mining town of White Ash where Aleck’s impending leaving is suddenly put on hold by an unexplained accident at the local mine.

Right from the start you are given a taste of some gruesome interaction as the writer Charlie Stickney certainly knows how to make an opening impact, from then on the plot starts to thicken as Charlie’s writing slowly introduces the characters adding just the right amounts of mystery and suspense, not forgetting a little bit of romance for good measure.

Charlie Stickney

There’s a lot to take in as the storyline moves at a good pace, with each character introduced only adding further to the intrigue combined with some superb imagery from artist Conor Hughes who’s clean lines add a certain hardness to the overall story which is complemented by the delightful colouring of Fin Cramb whose use of greys and browns only further enhance the bleakness of White Ash.

Conor Hughes

There’s a lot to like about White Ash not least because the storyline is so good with hidden secrets and strong characters, Charlies writing is perfect in its execution of bringing to life small town America and there is little doubt you can see the subtle hints of twin peaks and supernatural throughout.

If I didn’t know I was reading a comic I would swear I was reading a script for a TV show, either way this works the story is good with strong artwork to match and if you’re a fan of horror or even something a little bit quirky then this will be right of your street.

Writer: Charlie Stickney
Artist: Conor Hughes
Colorist: Fin Cramb

For more information check out the link below



The smaller the town, the bigger the secrets…  reason alone to go give this a try!  We really liked it

Rating: 8/10

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