Wiktoria Wabnyc Pursuing Her Dreams

 Wiktoria Wabnyc
Just recently we had the pleasure of chatting to Wiktoria Wabnyc an 18 year old actress from London whose young age it has to be said almost betrays the amount of work she has already done.

First off Wiktoria can you tell us a little bit about yourself where you’re from? And how you got started in acting?

I am an 18-year-old actress based in London. I was originally born in Poland, but moved to the UK when I was eight years old. Acting was one of my dreams that I always wanted to pursue, but growing up as this shy girl that everyone knew me for, discouraged me to pursue a career in acting.  It took a lot of failures to build my own self-belief and once I establish that. I got out of my comfort zone and joined a part-time drama school called 360Arts. That’s when it all really started for me, I began learning new techniques and information about the industry. I had my first professional job at the age of 17, in a feature film called Trial and Error as one of the lead roles and since then I have been working on developing my skills as an actor and building my resume.

Trial and Error is your latest project for which you teamed up with Hanton Films, how did this come about and can you tell our readers a little bit about this movie?trial and error

Trial and Error is a feature film based on the theme of pressure and how it affects young vulnerable teenagers. The film centres around the story of three teenagers: Maia, Taylor, and Noah, who are pressured into making hard decisions that changes their lives forever. The key debate battled in the film is whether the characters will let the pressure define them? I play the role of Maia who goes through a dilemma of accepting a scholarship at the top university or staying home with her parents. 

I first heard about Trial and Error through a casting call website called Mandy.com. I heard about the website from my headshot photographer. One of the requirements for auditions for Trial and Error was to send in a self-tape of myself performing a monologue. Having to read the brief for Maia, who in the film is very uncertain in knowing what she wants. I have picked a monologue called, Confused Teen, which is about a teenager who questions everything she has been told by others. The director liked my audition and I signed the contract a week after.

The film world is really starting to move for you, which is not surprising since you have notched up quite a few credits in such a short space of time, what have been the biggest influences on your career to date and do you have any roles or genres you specifically enjoy playing?

My biggest influence in my career are the people who I spent my time with. For me, networking takes a significant factor of my acting career. You can learn so much by listening to other, more experienced actors and following in their footsteps. I like to be a versatile actor, playing all sorts of genres. Anything that will challenge me is great. One of the most demanding roles I had to play was a young mother who just had a miscarriage in the film called ‘Part of Me’. The film consisted of no dialogue so my focus was to use my body as an instrument to portray all the emotions that my character was going through.

Knowing how competitive the acting world Is, if we were to have another chat in five years’ time where would you hope your career had taken you?

I hope that in five years’ time I would still be doing what I love, whether it’s acting or marketing. I think the key to a happy life is to follow your dreams and appreciating everything that you have. I hope that in five years’ time, I would move to LA or New York and just continue progressing and growing in the entertainment industry. My ultimate goal is to be an A-listed actress.


Just before we get on to some fun questions, would you like to share any projects you’re currently working on or possible future endeavours?

I am currently writing my own feature film called ‘A Runaway Girl’. I am aiming to get the script completed by July and get it into its production stage by next year.  Meanwhile, I am doing lots of promotional work for Trial and Error. The film is due to have its premier in May in Peckhamplex cinema.

Now for some fun!

What music is currently on your Ipod/MP3 player etc.?

I like to listen to all sorts of music, most fall into the R&B, rap, pop genre. Ne-yo, Usher, Jessie J, Tinashe and Niykee Heaton.

If you were handed a million dollars tomorrow, what would be the first thing you would buy?

I would buy as many roses as I possibly can, to fill out my mom’s room and I would buy my parents a massive card to say thank you for everything that my mom and my dad have done for me. They haven’t always been keen on me doing acting, but they have always been there to support me both emotionally and financially.

What was your best Christmas present this year?

I am not fussy about the presents that I get, I usually like to give presents rather than receive them and spend the day with my family really. I generally just got perfumes from everyone in my family, I am not sure if they are trying to hint something (laughs)

Where in the world would you most like to visit?

Oh, I cannot wait to go travelling, I would like to go to as many places as possible and just explore the world. I am looking forward to going Australia next year, LA , New York, China, Japan and Iceland.

What’s your favourite food ?

Pizza. I love vegetarian pizza or chicken supreme. Of course, with no pineapples. That’s a crime.

Well it’s been a pleasure getting to chat with you Wiktoria please feel free to keep us up to date with all you news and events

Thank you for interviewing me

you can find out more about Wiktoria at the sites below


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